Feature Your School

Feature Your School

Doing Faces of Main Street, with real clients, gave the students a new level of professionalism that they can’t get in the classroom.

— David DeAustin, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City

We are out to share the inspiring stories of millions of business owners across the U.S. and could use your help! As a featured school, you will not only have the opportunity to help out your local small business owners and community, but you would also enable your students to get the real world experience that is crucial to their future in photography and journalism. Faces of Main Street’s contest platform could serve as a base for a required project, extra credit, out-of-class experience, or however else you see it fitting in with your curriculum. Students will contact business owners, set up appointments, and meet with them to take their pictures and get an inspirational quote.

  • Get featured on our “Featured Schools” page with a link to your website
  • Students get real world experience in photography and journalism
  • Students network with businesses, who they may do future work for
  • Students get a link to their website and recognition on  media outlets
  • Students will be entered into our $500 monthly photography contest


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