Yuuniq Candles

Business Information

Owner: Yudit Goulbourme

Name: Yuuniq Candles

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Project description

Website: Yuuniq Candles

Meet Yudit Goulbourne
“I got the name Yuuniq by taking ‘Yu,’ from my first name, and blended it with ‘unique,’ says Yudit, The owner of YuuNiq Candles. Yuudit Goulbourne is originally a teacher from Jamaica, where she taught for 5 years. She nows lives in Brooklyn where she provides candle lovers with the specialty candles of their dreams through her business, Yuuniq Candles.Yudit never had experience making candles until she decided to try it out as a business in 2013.

The Beginnings of Yuuniq Candles
Yudit was led to start her business with a desire to be there for her son. “I have never been one to want to own a business, but I  just quit a job and my son was about to start preschool. I had to collect him everyday at two o’clock in the afternoon and knew that no job would allow me that flexibility. I got the idea to start a home business where I could have a little money coming in, while being able to pick up my son, and do away with childcare costs.” She then searched online for business ideas you could run from home, candle making quickly intrigued her and eventually became her passion.

What Keeps The Candle Burning
Starting Yuuniq Candles has worked great for her, as she has been able to let her creative side shine, be there for her son, and make a living. Her favorite thing about owning her own business is,“The freedom it allows me to be an active participant in my son’s school life. I’m free to go on field trips with his class, or help with costumes for the school musical. I love that!”

Business Challenges
Capital and advertising are just some of the challenges Yudit has faced as a business owner. She tries to stay positive, “I just have to dig deep and press on,” as she puts it. She is a woman of faith and that helps her during hard times. “My faith in God kicks in whenever I feel discouraged. I feel He has brought me this far, and blessed me with this gift so it can’t all be for naught.” She throws in, “And being a single mom, giving up is not an option!”

If You Could Start Over
If you are looking to start a business, learn from Yudit, “If I was to start over, I would wish for a strong capital to begin with. (She only had one $500 credit card to start her whole business) Profits would have been more visible. I also wish that I had more business smarts. But for the most part, it’s all been on the job training, where I’m learning from past mistakes as I press forward.”