Utah Physical Therapy

Business Information

Owner David Butler

Name Utah Physical Therapy

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

David worked for 8 years at a different company, and was ready to take control of his own practice. He was able to obtain a small business loan, and set up his practice in his home town. Utah Physical Therapy specializes in scoliosis treatments because he felt it was an under served specialty that many needed, including his nephew and a neighbor. Historically scoliosis has either been a “wait and see” kind of treatment, or surgery. Having surgery for scoliosis is a long and painful process with a significant recovery period. David wanted more people to have access to better treatment. Also, as an avid triathlete, he wanted to help other runners and triathletes with injuries that are common to them.

Making it happen

He continues to stay up on the latest techniques and technologies by allowing students to come and train with him. Each student stays for about 6 weeks at a time. It helps him stay on top of his game, while giving back by helping others just getting started. David is also constantly looking at ways to get the word out about his practice, and likes to be creative about his marketing.

He learned a valuable lesson before he went out on his own at his former job. They set up this huge event for multiple sclerosis patients. The day came, and only one person showed up, who was already a patient of the practice. He learned that it’s not enough to just put the word out. “Field of Dreams” marketing just doesn’t work anymore. If you build it, they will NOT come. You need to tell folks about your business in multiple ways if you want to see success.

Loving it

What David loves most about his business is being able to help a huge variety of people live a pain free life. Getting to know his patients, and learning about their life really motivates him.

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He recently got a text from the mom of one of his patients. The text informed him that her daughter had just hit a home run! The daughter had shoulder pain for a really long time, and had been to several doctors and physical therapists to try and fix it. One of David’s friends noticed that she had scoliosis, and referred them to him. Once he started to treat the scoliosis, the shoulder pain started to go away. The daughter is now back on the high school softball team, and is able to play pain free again! Stories like these are what make David really excited about his business, and loving what he is doing on a daily basis.


One of the biggest challenges for his practice is dealing with the insurance companies. He understands that most patients want to be able to use their insurance benefits. So, in order to be available for a larger amount of potential patients, he needs to get approvals from the various insurance companies. He has learned to be persistent and not to take no for an answer.

Advice for other businesses

If he had to start all over again, he says that he would build systems into place early on. He would like the things that work well, are done consistently. So, that is one piece of advice he has for others. Make sure you get systems into place for all of the processes your employees and your business will have to do. He has a revolving door of physical therapy students that stick around for such short period of time. Setting up a process for them to follow is an essential way to keep everyone on track.

He also says that it’s important to know your numbers. Know how much money it takes to get one customer or patient through the door to your business. Know your break even point is, where your expenses are, and then you can decide if you are wasting money or not. Approach your marketing scientifically, and you will be able to track your success and failures.

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