Utah Family Doulas

Business Information

Owner Shellee Semrad

Name Utah Family Doulas

Location: Utah

Project description


How it got started

When Shelle first became a doula, she had no idea how to run a business. She just wanted to be a doula, and didn’t know how to market her services, or how billing should be handled. She joined a doula services agency in Colorado so she could do what she loved most, which was be a doula, and not have to worry about the business end of it. When she and her husband moved to Utah, she started to look for a new agency to join, and found that there were no active agencies in the area! She decided to start her own agency to fill that void, and help other doulas and families.

Making it happen

Shelle had learned a lot through being part of the agency in Colorado, and was ready to break out on her own to fill a much needed space in the current market in Utah. To grow her new business she is marketing in creative ways. She currently networks with other care providers like doulas, midwives, chiropractors, and doctors. She wants to get to know the other people that she might end up working with to help an individual family. She wants to be sure everyone knows that her doulas want to be part of the birth team, not against them, so the clients have a great experience with the entire birth process.

Loving it

What she loves the most about her business is seeing how much they can make a difference helping families during this transition period in their life. Whether it is a first child for a couple, or the 6th, there is always an adjustment. She loves to assist families as they grow. She personally specializes in high risk pregnancies and multiple births. These situations can be really scary, and she adores helping her clients find their own strength.


She has challenges overcoming stereotypes of her job and her business. People think that if you hire a doula, you are looking to do a home birth or an unmedicated birth, and that just simply is not true. Her company can assist families with any type of birth. They provide education, choices and non-judgmental support to families.

Advice for other businesses

Her main advice for other business owners is to never quit on a bad day. She made a promise to herself that if she were to ever let go of this business it would have to be on a day where everything went right and she was completely happy with her job and her business.

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