Project description

Business Owner: Tony Kevin Jr.
Business: Timshel Woodworking
Location: Seattle, Washington

Meet Tony
Like many other entrepreneurs Tony became sick of spending his time working for someone else. His drive for success eventually led him to pursue his own business dream. By making time to research his passion and asking questions, Tony was able to establish a business plan and launch his own business, Timshel Woodworking. His careful planning and saving resulted in funding his business. “I love woodworking and I love small businesses, so why not try it myself? I’m blessed to have a great network of support and wisdom.”

Seattle Based
Tony not only wanted to work for himself but he also desired to join the creative community that surrounded him and share his talent and passion for woodwork. Being enveloped in a community that supplied inspiration to his dream. Tony said, “I would initially say it’s always been a natural thing for me to want to start my own business and be my own boss, but I think the creative community around me that’s full of people working for themselves really helps inspire me to pursue it.”

Uphill Battles
During his time working on trying to become a musician, Tony was observant and opened himself up to learning. He was surrounded by successful professionals that motivated him to be better. Tony did not hesitate to asked good questions to those who had more experience than him. These individuals loved teaching him and supplied beneficial feedback that would  help him in the future of starting Timshel Woodworking. Tony admits, “I had very little experience. I learned from paying attention to those around me and asking good questions and being asked the hard questions by those with more experience,” He continues, “The definition of success for my business is the look on people’s faces when they pick up their Timshel Coffee Table. That’s the cheesiest thing I’ve said all day, but it’s true; it’s pretty amazing, honestly. And if I’m being honest, another definition of success is seeing all the bills paid, which is hard some months.”

Words of Wisdom
Tony‘s one of a kind products will testify of his passion for his business. His talent has resulted in a successful well-know business in Seattle, Washington. Since his successful launch, Tony has learned many valuable lessons along the way. Tony said, “Staying relevant and adaptable to the ever-changing cultural trends. I think too many businesses out there die off because they never upgraded or evolved with the time because it’s honestly hard to do. You may have a hot selling product for three years, but what happens when that trend becomes over-saturated? Do you just give up and throw in the towel or do you adapt? These are questions scare me the most when I ask them to myself.”