Taylor Street Films

Business Information

Owner Loki Mulholland

Name Taylor Street Films / Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation

Location: Utah

Project description


How it got started

Ever since Loki saw Star Wars as a young boy he knew he wanted to be a film maker. He wrote his first screenplay in 6th grade, really just to get the prettiest girl in school to interact with him. When he graduated from college he went into video production and was later able to create his first full length mockumentary called Believe, a hilarious look at the world of multi-level marketing companies. The movie would likely be a hit today, as MLM companies are everywhere, but it was a little ahead of it’s time and didn’t find much success.

Making it happen

Loki was able to find success, however, when he decided to focus more on his mother’s amazing civil rights story. He created and produced a documentary on the life of his mother titled “An Ordinary Hero”. His mother is Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, a significant player in the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s and was part of the Freedom Rides. Once he found his niche of telling the stories of civil rights and helping educate kids on the Movement he really knew this was how he could make a contribution to the world. He created the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation, and uses the video production company as an arm of the foundation, to create other documentaries about civil rights.

Loving it

The ability to create is one of the things that Loki loves most about his business. To see something through from beginning to end, and witness the enjoyment it brings to others is incredibly fulfilling for him. The things he creates can live on for a very long time, and he can make an impact on the world, just like his mother did.

One day when he was with his mother at the house of Medgar Evers, another civil rights Legend, he only introduced himself as “Joan’s son”, and Medgar’s daughter told him that she also doesn’t have a name, that she is merely Medgar’s daughter. They both discussed what it was like to try and follow such amazing people. Loki knew that his work getting these stories of ordinary hero’s out could be his way to make his mark on the world as well.

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The biggest challenge Loki faces is actually himself. Self doubt can be extremely powerful and will create walls for you as you try to create. You may think you aren’t good enough to make a film like Star Wars, or that you have no business telling this particular story. He thinks that he has a great idea for a movie or documentary, and then as he films it, he can start to doubt his idea, and then as he doubts he creates obstacles for himself. To overcome this he really focuses on finding his niche in the world. What kinds of stories is he most qualified to tell? Once he really gets down to the roots of why he does this, and his true to himself, he is able to overcome the voices in his head telling him that he can’t.

Advice for other businesses

The main advice he has for other business owners is to learn to fail. He believes that it is only through failure that you will grow. When business owners try to avoid failure they will end up failing anyway, because everyone does at some point. If you don’t learn from your failures, you will end up quitting. As you take necessary steps along the way, and grow with each step, you will find success. It may take 10 years of blood, sweat and tears, but you will eventually get there. The successful end result is the culmination of each idea that proceeded it. If you can fail, then you can succeed. Humble yourself and learn from your failures.

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