Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Business Information

Owners: Chad & Shelley Grose

Name: Sweetheart Bridal & DC Tuxedos

Location: Provo, UT

Project description

How it got started

Chad was unhappy at his job as a restaurant manager, and Shelley took it upon herself to find a new job for Chad. She was browsing the internet and happened upon a site for people selling their business. Chad came home and she told him how she was thinking they should purchase a bridal shop, and they both laughed. They definitely aren’t laughing now that their business is successful! Shortly after they purchased the bridal shop they were forced to move their location, and found a place right next door to a tuxedo shop, that also happened to be for sale!

Making it happen

Once they moved the bridal shop next door to the tuxedo shop, they bridged the two stores with a small doorway to really give customers a customized experience. They both had to start looking at fashion trends, and find items that would make their stores unique. Shelley was able to contract with several designers to have exclusive rights to their designs in Utah, and Chad has spent the last few years trying to update the styles inside the tuxedo shop.

Loving it

Chad has earned quite a reputation around town for being THE guy to see if you need a wedding dress, and when Shelley has had enough brides for one day, she’ll go work over in the tuxedo shop instead. They both really love the business, and it definitely shows. They bring their kids to work with them often, and share their successes with their children. When they hit a milestone they will celebrate by going out to dinner or another fun family activity. Shelley also loves being able to help people find just the right dress. One day a special needs girl came into her store looking for a dress for prom. She wanted to look exactly like Elsa from Frozen, and Shelley had just the right dress! The girl tried it on, and her face just lit up when she saw herself in the mirror. Moments like that help Shelley when she’s dealing with a difficult customer.

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Any brick and mortar store will faces challenges of difficult customers, and when you are dealing with weddings and proms and other special occasions that have to be absolutely perfect, it can be multiplied! Shelley said that typically the brides have been delightful, but that the other family members tagging along can be the challenge. Another challenge they have is keeping up with the styles and fashions that are so often changing. When they took over the tuxedo shop, most of the suits were out of date. Chad had to spend a great deal of time updating the choices and bringing that store up to the level of the bridal shop. Chad and Shelley don’t see any failures as failures though, because they all lead to the place they are at right now, which is a great place to be.

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Advice for other businesses

Their advice to people who are just starting out with their business, is to make sure you are willing to work hard. They love being able to show their kids how hard they have to work to make their business successful, and include them in the work when they come to the shop. They also suggest doing your research on the type of business you will start. They have spent countless hours researching bridal trends, and feel it’s not something they should delegate out to an employee. Chad believes if you can do it yourself, you shouldn’t pay someone else to do it. This doesn’t mean just the ability, it also includes the time. They COULD work at the shop all day every day, but they do pay people to help them run it. Shelley’s last bit of advice is that if it feels like something you should do, don’t give up on it and push through the hard times, because they will definitely come!

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