Super Healthy Kids

Business Information

Owners: Amy Roskelley & Natalie Monson

Name: Super Healthy Kids

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

Amy Roskelley had an idea for a children’s dinner plate that would also help them understand how to make healthy food choices. She created her website to assist her in her goal of educating parents and children about healthy eating habits, and to sell her new plate. As her website grew she wanted to begin selling a meal planning subscription. She asked her friend Natalie, who is a registered dietitian, to join her business, and they have been full business partners ever since.

Making it happen

With Natalie on board, they started making plans to expand the business. The website was doing very well and their meal planning service was gaining several new subscribers every day. Then the USDA announced that they were changing their food guide pyramid into a circle (or plate) shape, and their business suddenly took off. Already being known for their plate, and now having the same recommendations that the USDA suggests made them able to sell their plates to various organizations in bulk around the country. Amy & Natalie went from running a website themselves, to employing a team of 18 people (so far!). They just purchased their first official office space and warehouse.

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Loving it

What Amy & Natalie really love about their business is the company culture they have created. Super Healthy Kids is a family focused business, and they love to provide a way for people to be able to spend time with their families and get their work done. They are happy that they are able to provide such a flexible work environment to allow employees to do the things they are passionate about.


One of their main challenges is finding the right people to work with. They have had a few experiences where they have hired consultants to do specific tasks, and it has ended badly. They understand the importance of finding the right fit, both with employees and with outside help they hire. Another challenge, being in the online space, is to try not to compare themselves to other successful websites. Something that might work for one similar website, could be a disaster for them, and vice versa. They keep trying to understand what their customers and audience want to see from them, and provide the solutions they are looking to find.

Advice for other businesses

One piece of advice Natalie wants to give other businesses is to be ok with putting something out that isn’t perfect. Sometimes if you wait for it to be perfect, you will never end up releasing it. When you do release something that isn’t quite done, you could get feedback from your audience that can help you improve your product in ways you never even dreamed!

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They also both suggested that having a partner can be a huge benefit. When one of you isn’t feeling it, the partner can pick up some slack. Luckily, they have never both tired at the same time. They love being able to bounce ideas off of each other, and having a checks and balances approach to their decisions for the company. They stressed that picking the RIGHT partner is key. Make sure you trust the person you are going into business with, and that you like them!

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