Business Information

Owner Maxine Haber

Name STARcise

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Project description

How it got started

When Maxine was a new Mom, she needed to go back to work. She wanted to find something she could do that would work with children. She got training to work kids parties, and then decided to be trained in coaching gymnastics. This led her to receive certifications to become a youth fitness instructor. Through these various jobs and training she decided that she could make her own preschool curriculum that combined her passions of working with kids and helping them enjoy fitness as well.

Making it happen

She took her lesson plans and songs to a local preschool, and found tremendous success! She realized she was filling a need that was not currently being met and very quickly demand for her classes became more than she could accommodate. She wants to leave a real legacy by impacting the lives of children! She found that every child wanted to be a STAR, whether it was a rock star or a movie star, and the name of her business was born. She came up with the acronym for star that she hopes all kids will get out of her classes. She wants them to be Smart, Talented, Athletic and Respected. In Maxine’s classes all of the kids will leave feeling like a STAR!

Loving it

Coach Maxine loves to see the children realize their abilities! She says there is something magical about watching a child grow in confidence and in their own physical abilities. Maxine claims to be just a big kid at heart, so she really loves that she was able to create a business that allows her to be her most authentic self. The multiple workouts she gets every day is a huge bonus too.
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One of her biggest challenges is letting things go. At the beginning she understood that she was being limited by only being able to be in one place at one time. She was afraid to trust anyone else to do her job. She overcame this by creating music videos and training and developing more coaches so she can bring her preschool curriculum to children across the country.

She also struggles, like most small businesses, with getting the word out about her business. She has generated tremendous word of mouth in her local community, but is turning to social media and interviews to get her brand in front of more people. Everyone that she has talked to has loved her business, and she knows that if more people could just hear about it, she would be a household name in no time!
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Advice for other businesses

Maxine says that it’s important for business owners to surround themselves with other people who are in business. Not everyone in your life (ie your family and friends) are going to support your dreams. Having the perspective of people who have been there, or are currently going through the same things you are can be a huge source of support for a new business owner. Being around other business owners can really inspire you to work hard and accomplish your goals.
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