Soy Delicious Candles

Business Information

Owner: Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo

Name: Soy Delicious Candles

Location: Miami, Florida

Project description

Website: Soy Delicious Candles

The Soy Candle Duo
Prior to launching the successful Soy Delicious candle company, Maggie Maceiras and Georgette Hoyo were both teachers. With no prior business experience, they both decided that they were ready to start a new venture. Since joining forces and becoming business partners both have been able to produce a one-of-a-kind product and drive their soy candle business to success. Using their own cash savings, they were able to fund the initial business cost of the Soy Delicious launch in June of 2005. Every penny they made was put right back into the company. Maggie said, “We were both teachers and wanted to be able to call our own shots once we had children. Starting our own business would give us all the flexibility we needed. Family first!”

3 in 1
One of the main hurdles to overcome when starting a business is identifying what will set your business apart from the industry competitors. Soy Delicious decided in order to stay ahead of the game they will need to be known as a triple threat. Their aromatherapy candles are not only 100% soy wax but they also melt into a warm massage oil and a body moisturizer.

Unique to the touch, these three-in-one candles have been proven to be a success. Maggie explains the process they used to name their business, “After trying at least 1000 names and calling it quits for the day, Fergalicious song came on the radio and when I heard Fergie say, “so delicious” I knew right away Soy Delicious was the name! Soy in Spanish is “I am” and we felt that it was just perfect for our candles…I am delicious….soy delicious!”

Burning Daylight
Hard work will always pay off. It has certainly been a challenge for both but since the launch of Soy Delicious in June 2005, Maggie and Georgette  have both mastered the art of multitasking and have been successful in achieving business goals while running a household. Maggie said, “The biggest challenge as a business owner has been the multiple hats that one must wear early on. It takes perseverance and hard work to achieve one’s goals and dreams. Many sleepless nights and long hours. Putting in the time is well worth it in the end! Our children…our future… and our financial freedom are driving factors to motivate us to push through the hard times!”

The Future is Bright
Now with years of business experience, Soy Delicious is ready to take action and move to the next level. Maggie and Georgette have plans to expand Soy Delicious. “Owning my own business gives me freedoms to set my own schedule and never miss out on my children’s activities and special days. We have worked hard to get the business to where it is today and there is still a lot of work to do but seeing how far we have come is such a great reward. Being our own bosses gives us freedoms that others may not be able to afford.”