Business Information

Owner Brandon Kennedy

Name Skydrop

Location: Utah

Project description

How it got started

An engineer was setting up his sprinklers for the new season, and thought that there had to be a better way! He wished he could just control the entire system from his phone, and so he started to build it himself. He developed an algorithm to allow the sprinkler system to check the local weather to see if there was even a need to water. He then used his algorithm to set up the controls for the sprinkler system so it can all be controlled from a phone or the web.

Making it happen

They were able to partner with some large companies that have huge customer bases. Their smart home device works with Nest, which has hundreds of thousands of users already. Nest sends you a report about your home’s energy savings, and being able to include water in that report can help homeowners really understand their eco-footprint. They were also able to trigger the sprinklers to run 2 full cycles of watering if a fire is detected inside the house, to help keep the fire contained.

Loving it

What Brandon loves most about his business is that the product is environmentally friendly. He says that 60% of landscape water is actually wasted. It’s clear to see that this is accurate when driving around a neighborhood during a rainstorm and seeing several sets of sprinklers going at the same time. Using Skydrop customers can not only save money on their watering, but they can save one of natures most precious resources… water.

He also loves that he is able to make decisions that can be a huge benefit, or suffer the consequences of those choices. He controls his own destiny, and no one is able to determine his value or whether or not he moves up in the business or not.

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The biggest challenge for his business is making monetary decisions. At a larger company, if you make a mistake and pay too much for something, it can be covered by expenses from other budgets. In a small business, if you make a monetary decision that doesn’t pan out, you can really the pain from it. Learning to balance how much to pay who for what is something he continues to struggle with when he knows that one bad decision could derail the entire company.

Advice for other businesses

Brandon doesn’t like to consider any of his failures, as a failure. He says “You only fail when you quit”. If you are going to get into small business you have to have the mentality that you are never going to quit. There will be hard choices to make, and tough times that will come. If you can fight through those challenges and make it work no matter what, you will find a way to make it work.

You also need to have nerves of steel. You can’t be emotional in business. You have to be able to analyze and make those decisions.

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