Robert Kelly Home

Business Information

Owner Bob Zierk

Name Robert Kelly Home

Location: Park City, UT

Project description

Website: Robert Kelly Home

Meet Bob Zierk
Found among the restaurants, gift shops, and art galleries on Main St. in Park City, you will find Robert Kelly Home, a retail furniture store and gallery that Bob Zierk and his wife started about 6 years ago. Bob and his wife moved to Park City to get out of the “rat-race” in Chicago and enjoy the more leisurely mountain lifestyle.

A Mountain Lifestyle
“We had our mid-life crisis,” said Bob. Their kids were all off to college and grad school, they sold their house and chain of furniture stores they owned in Chicago, and moved to Park City. “We loved Park City, we had been here several times with our family on vacation, so here we are now.”

The Park City economy was strong when they moved, but right after they opened their store, the economy went south.  “It seemed like as soon we opened, things took a turn for the worst. We had to reassess what we were doing and ended up doing a 180. Instead of having all custom high-end furniture pieces, we decided to bring in other manufacturers and some lower priced items but still kept the high-end merchandise.” The recession took a toll on many businesses, fortunately Bob was able to keep his store up and running and is still gaining momentum daily.

The Biggest Win
Bob always had a desire to work for himself, and has been able to do that most of his life, a huge win for him. “With the new growth going on now, we are definitely in an upswing and we have been able to do what we wanted to do. We get out and we ski a couple days a week, we belong to a club and are able to golf a couple days a week, and that’s not something we were able to do back in Chicago, we just enjoy the more casual laid-back lifestyle that Park City has to offer.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
Owning a business can be tough, it requires a lot. But it also gives a lot back, allowing people like Bob to have the freedom they want. “Owning a business is a lot of hard work. Getting everything started and getting the ball rolling can be tough. It takes the right location, the right product, and the right personnel. You have to make sure everyone is up to speed, knows their stuff, and is committed. It’s certainly not an absentee management style, I am here 6 days a week, not all day long, usually about a 5 or 6 hour day, but that’s why we came out here, we want to get out and enjoy the outdoors.”