Rich Hippies

Business Information

Owner: Lana Katsaros

Name: Rich Hippies

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Project description

Website: Rich Hippies

Meet Lana
Becoming a new mother transformed Lana’s world into a better place. This new role ignited the desire to have more control over her time and create a better environment and community for her son, Atlas. Lana said, “After working in entertainment and marketing for 15 years in NYC, I decided with our new baby and moving our family to Nashville that it was time to focus on me. I want to be available for my family at the drop of a hat and being my own boss is the best way I can guarantee that.”

Community First
Lana’s first passion was not business. She wanted to build a better community. Lana sought out ways to help the people around her. Her focus led her to find a specific need in her neighborhood. Using the inspiration from her own child she now owns a successful children’s clothing line, runs her own interior design firm and owns and rents out an enchanting two unit house that is located in the heart of East Nashville. This house is featured on Airbnb and each room is full of character and charm. “Nashville is such a lovely place and I saw a need in our neighborhood, so I filled it because I love kids and am an interior designer by profession, so this was a way to marry the two into a unique place to visit. Not many people do what we do.”

The Launch
With no retail experience Lana has been able to combine her passion and other life experience in the entertainment business to produce her own brand, Rich Hippies. Using what funds she had in her our bank account, Lana started off her pursuit by designing and constructing creepers and an exclusive line of yoga pants. Slowly making and selling one batch of product at a time, she soon earned enough to expand her business and open her own store front.

“Being an interior designer, you are basically a professional shopper. I love to shop and hunt and dig to find the next new and best thing – at a great price. This experience greatly contributed to my business success.”

Success Defined
As a mother, wife and now a very successful business owner, you can only imagine the level of multitasking and energy she must maintain. She is able to accomplish and have a balance in life by setting small daily goals of helping those around her. Her employees and valued clientele benefit from her effort to provide a happier living experience. Lana said, “Building a happy and fulfilled team and client base and being able to spend time with my family knowing all is well with my business because the right people are part of the team. Also our customers are pretty amazing, keeping the personal connections will keep me feeling successful.”

When starting your own business it can quickly become stressful. Whatever hurdle you encounter, you want to be sure that you can mold and adjust to any obstacle that comes your way. It might be hard to hand over the reigns and ask for help but it might save you more money and time in the long run.  Lana highly recommends, “Hire help as soon as you feel overwhelmed. Even if you have to go without pay. It will come back 10 fold.”

Photographs by: Alyssa Rosenheck