Project description

Business Owners: Reise Malachowski
Business: The Man Barber
Location: Provo, Utah

Meet Reise Malachowski
Meet Reise, he has only been cutting hair for 2 and a half years, but that doesn’t mean this talented, 3rd generation barber doesn’t have what it takes. In fact, despite his young career, and being such a young business owner, Utah Valley Magazine named Reise Best barber of 2014. — He also makes his own after-shave from scratch. How cool is that?

A Love For All Things Vintage
Ever since he was in the 7th grade, Reise has wanted to cut hair. “I started to get into rockabilly music, and pompadours and other vintage hairstyles,” says Reise, whose main inspiration and draw to cutting hair had everything to do with the lifestyle he had fallen in love with at such a young age.

Lifestyle & Passion
In the 9th grade, Reise really started to think that cutting hair might be what he wants to do the rest of his life. This lifestyle grew into a passion, so he followed that desire and went to barber school while still a senior in high school.  He was able to graduate high school as a certified barber.

A High Standard
After officially becoming a barber, Reise’s first gig was working at a local barbershop in Payson, Utah. That gig came to an end when the owner decided it would be a good idea to move to California. After searching for other barbershops to work at and not having very much luck, Reise made the decision to start his own business and open The Man Barber. “I figured I could run my own shop, and hold my self at a high standard,” said Reise, and at that he has succeeded.

The Man’s Biggest Win
Reise loves his customers, everything about them, especially the relationships that come from having such awesome clients. “Without them I couldn’t do what I do, so I really appreciate everyone that has come in and continues to come in and support me.” Reise tries to give back, to make sure that his clients feel they are cared about.

Entrepreneurial Advice
“Find something that you love and stay true to it. Everyone does things differently; there are tons of different barbershops, tons of different restaurants, and they all do things differently, so find your niche and commit to it.”

“People like consistency, when they go get a haircut or go to a restaurant; people expect a certain level of customer service. I feel like business owners need to reward our clients for supporting us.”