Project description

Business Owner: Asi Yoked
Business: Reef’s Restaurant & Food Truck
Location: Park City, Utah

Meet Asi Yoked
Passion may not be the right word to describe Asi. He is definitely more than passionate about his business, and life in general. He is an animated man with love for what he does. He owns Reefs Restaurant and Food Truck where he makes delicious Mediterranean and European food. His restaurant is on Main Street in Park City, Utah and his food truck travels around the Salt Lake Valley.

Have Pride In What You Do
“Everything I do, whether it’s playing, working, being a father, I like to be proud of what I do, and make sure its excellent,” says Asi. He wanted to combine his passion in life, with his Israeli heritage, all the while providing delicious, hormone and antibiotic free food to the area. “I’m Israeli so I wanted to bring an Israeli flare to the area.”

More Than Organic
Asi’s concept is simple; no hormones, no antibiotics, and all natural. “I don’t really like to use the word organic because it is such a broad description and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are being healthy. Just because something says organic on it, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy it.” Asi wants to raise awareness help people understand what they are eating and the short cuts that are taken in certifying things as ‘organic.’ To Asi, it isn’t about saying something is good for you, it’s about living up to the standards you set, being proud and making a difference.

Word For Word
“I am one to take risks; I don’t want to work for the government or for someone else. I am an entrepreneur.” He is adamant about representing himself in the best way he can, and why not when you are working so hard?

Asi’s Biggest Win
“My biggest win or reward is that I am able to toot my own horn. I do what I believe; I don’t have to conform, bend, or break. I can do what I truly believe is right. And when you get it right, there is nothing more gratifying,” he continues, “It is an amazing feeling to know that you built something with your own hands and mind. You did it all. There is nothing better than that.”

Have No Fear
Asi has years of experience as an entrepreneur and he has some great advice for other entrepreneurs. “Have no fear, chase your dreams, and do not stop. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something. We all have it in us, every single one of us. Whether you speak English, Hebrew, Chinese, or your skin color is this or that; we all have it in us, we are all human beings and we can all make it happen.” He finishes by simply putting it, “Don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t have it in you, have no fear and be proud!”