Business Information:

Owner: Owen Fuller

Name: QZZR

Location: Lehi, UT

Project description


How it got started

A couple guys launched a quiz tool for teachers, and happened to move in to the office next door to the marketing company owned by Owen. When Owen checked out the tool they had created, he thought it could be a very effective marketing tool. They collaborated to create a quiz for marketing purposes instead of as a teaching tool. The quiz they created was called “Which marketing super hero are you?”. Owen was right and it was extremely successful. They then started to use quizzes as a lead generation tool, and it continued to grow from there.

Making it happen

They were able to secure some funding, and Owen decided to sell his marketing agency and come on board full time to help bring the company to the next level. With the funding and the full attention Owen was able to give, they have gown to have over 270000 content creators using QZZR. A chance to build something with others. create interactive experiences online that enrich lives.

Loving it

Owen loves the people he gets to work with every day. He has brilliant, driven and kind people. He says that when you own your own business you get to choose who you work with. Not only do you get to choose the employees you work with, but partners and customers as well. He says he is lucky to be able to learn from the people he interacts with on a daily basis.

He also loves a chance to build something with others. Creating interactive experiences online that enrich other people’s lives drive him to continue to improve his business. Through his business, people that are participating are having a great time, and learning about themselves. Owners get key insights into their customers and how to improve their business. When you are able to envision something and then craft it and bring it to the world, you can really make a difference.
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One of Owen’s biggest challenges in his business is managing opportunity. What he means by this is basically learning to say no. This is really difficult to do, especially when one of your greatest customers is asking for something. When people you love are pulling you in other directions, it can be very tempting to follow their lead. He recommends to find a focus and stick to it though. Having the strength to say no and to manage the opportunities that are presenting themselves is something he continues to struggle with, but is getting a lot better at accomplishing. He said that it is better to release fewer products that are better, than a lot of products that are mediocre.
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Advice for other businesses

Owen’s main piece of advice for other businesses is to build your business in a way that you would be happy to do them forever, but keep the books in a way you could sell tomorrow. If you can see yourself doing the same thing 10, 20, 30 years from now, then you are on the right path. You should be able to keep that momentum and sustain your business for the rest of your life. Yet, you should also manage your finances so that you know that you are building something with value. When you have the combination of sustainability and value, you can be extremely successful. He also advises small business owners to live your best life while you are at it. Life is too short to sacrifice personal happiness and fulfillment in the pursuit of business goals.

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