Paper Crush

Business Information

Business Owner: Holly Moeller

Business Name: Paper Crush

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


Paper Crush is a brick and mortar and online store that sells stationary, party supplies and some crafting materials. They have been in business since 2011, but have just recently opened their first store in Lehi, Utah, on none other than Main street! Our favorite street!

How it got started

Holly started out loving party planning blogs, and wanted to put on her own fantastic parties for her children. She started writing about her own parties, and found that people really enjoyed reading about them. They enjoyed them so much that strangers started hiring her to plan parties. She quickly realized that it wasn’t actually planning the parties she enjoyed, it was the materials that helped make the party awesome. She pivoted away from a party planning business and started focusing on the materials. She would do pop up shops at boutiques and other events, but her real dream was to own her own store.

Making it happen

Once they had a proof of concept, and her products were selling well at the pop up boutiques, it was time to make her dream a reality. Her husband and her bootstrapped their company through their savings accounts, personal loans and credit cards and found a place to settle down right on the bustling Lehi Main Street. She considers opening her doors to the shop her greatest accomplishment in her business so far!


Her biggest challenge in her business is getting people in the door of her shop. This is definitely a challenge for brick and mortar stores across the country, as more people turn to major online retailers to do their shopping. She overcomes this challenge by getting the word out about the store through social media, and holding events at the store.

Advice for other businesses

One thing she wished she had done was talk to more retail store managers or work as a store manager prior to opening her shop on main street. Her background was actually in finance, so all of the day to day operations of running a store were very new to her. Her advice though is to just go for it! I love what she says “I knew if I didn’t do this, I would always regret it.”

Holly's advice to small business owners -Go for it! I knew if I didn't do this, I would always regret it! - @papercrushshop Click To Tweet

She also said that if you are starting out, find a group of similar business owners to meet up with and support and celebrate your wins together, and share your challenges. Networking with others, such as other women business owners, or similar set ups to your own can be incredibly beneficial to you. (Join our Facebook or LinkedIn groups if you are unsure how to get connected with other business owners!)

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