Project description

Business Owner: Omer Orian
Business: Off The Waffle
Location: Eugene, Oregon

“We lived in Belgium for 4 years when I was younger.  Probably one of my first memories, if not my very first memory, is of a waffle.  My brother and I literally started out with about two thousand bucks between the two of us and a couple credit cards and those were our main resources to start up our business.  Since we didn’t have any money we thought we’d get a commercially zoned house.  The health department let it fly and they gave us our permit.  Our living room was the restaurant.  We operated like this for about eight or nine months and eventually the health department came by and said we had to do some renovations to get the building up to code.  We said, ‘alright, we’re out of here.  We’re going to get our brick and mortar’ because we had such a strong following at that point.”