MIDAM. Mercantile

Business Information

Business Owner: Isaac Sheehan

Business Name: MIDAM. Mercantile 

Location: Pickerington, Ohio

Project description

The Hands of a Designer
Isaac Sheehan has always had a passion for design. He enjoys working with his hands and creating art. Currently, Isaac is a full-time graphic design student and works a part-time job. As a hardworking student, Isaac sought out new ways to earn some extra income.

Extra income
During winter break of 2014, one of his close friends introduced him to the art of leather working. Isaac was instantlyt hooked and fell in love with the art of sculpting designs with leather. He quickly started working hard to refine his leather working skills. After receiving positive feedback from a few pieces he produced, Isaac decided this would be a perfect way to earn extra income. In June of 2015, MIDAM. Mercantile was launched. Isaac explains, “MIDAM. is short for Mid America. Everything I make is made in Ohio, my home state, which is part of the Midwest region.”

Patience Process
When you embark on a new business adventure, it is important to understand this is a learning process. Success will take time to obtain but if you are persistent, anything is possible. These learning opportunities will be stressful but will sharpen your business skills.

Leather Lessons
Isaac has learned many things since launching his online store. With his patience and strong devotion to service, there is still work to be done to perfect the branding for his business. Isaac explains, “One of my biggest challenges is marketing. I wish I would’ve branded my business better. I take pride in my designs. This is all a learning process and I know my marketing of the brand will improve over time. I’m learning new things each day about growing a business and I’m excited for the future!”

Isaacs Advice
It can be easy to quickly forget the importance of customer service when your business is gaining recognition in the industry. Just within the short months that Isaac has been in business, he has already gained some great wins for his company. Despite all the successful growth, he remains true to his core values and puts his customers first by making a great effort to never lose sight of each and every one. Customer service is a great way to stand out in your industry.

Customers First
Isaac understands the importance of having original designs. His advice is, “Success is driven by the customer. That’s why I put my customers first in everything I do. I am a strong believer in people over profit. Those who are seeking to stay above in their chosen industry, remember to value each customer. Your unforgettable customer service will drive return customers. I try to be original as I can with my product designs. Doing things that no one has done yet and keeping things affordable will also help further the process. If you show that you sincerely value each customer, failure will never be an option.”