Project description

Business Owners: Maria Luisa & Guido Romero
Business: The Red Food Truck
Location: Salt lake City, Utah

Maria Luisa & Guido Romero
Meet Maria Luisa & Guido Romero, owners of The Red Food Truck in Salt Lake City. Are you looking for a great sandwich? Maria puts her culinary skills to work to not only make an amazing Peruvian sandwich, but overall one of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. Customers love Maria and Guido; they always work with a smile, and will do anything to make the customer happy.

About The Red Food Truck
Guido and Maria make Peruvian cuisine. They wanted to show people how delicious the food of their country can be. In Peru, Maria catered for many notable people including some of its presidents. Now they bring the signature dishes of Peru to you by food truck.

The Journey
In the beginning they didn’t know how to run a food truck, they didn’t know the tricks of the trade that now help them flourish. Originally they stayed in a little part of south Salt Lake City, not realizing they could visit the corporate offices all around the city. They have been able to acquire a second food truck and are doing remarkably well.

Entrepreneurial Advice
Maria has been the driving force for The Red Food Truck and her advice to business owners is to persevere. “We tell people that they need to persevere. We need to do things one-step at a time to be successful. I believe a lot of businesses have a tendency to disappear pretty quickly, and that is probably because they don’t persevere.”

Guido continued, “For a while, my wife wanted to stop what she was doing because she didn’t think it was a worthwhile investment. At one point I told her, ‘we cannot step back’ and In the long run it worked, and we know it will continue growing because of the high quality of food we deliver.

I think another important thing is the attitude; we need to be happy and make sure our customers can feel it. Our customers are going to come with us because we carry a positive attitude, not just quality food.“