Project description

Business Owner: Lindsay White
Business: Lot801
Location: South Jordan, Utah

Meet Lindsay White
As a young girl, Lindsay hated going shopping with her mom, “Because [she] was a girl [she] could only wear pink?” That was the impression she got from going store-to-store looking for outfits. Years later after having a child of her own she realized the same thing, “All the children’s clothing stores had two distinct sections; The girl’s department was strictly pink & purple, butterflies and flowers; and the boys department was strictly blue and green, soccer balls and trucks.” Lindsay wanted to create a clothing line that is unisex and ‘not afraid of black.’ Letting boys and girls not be restricted in what they wear.

Starting Out
Lindsay used her college experience in business administration and graphic design, as well her previous work experience where she learned how to successfully operate a business, to help her start Lot801. She utilizes these skills in many aspects of running her business continually, which in turn helps her have control over her future and also her family life.

Biggest Win
“Literally, you’ve got to shake it off,” says Lindsay, as she reminds herself to, “…Remember what I am doing this for.” Her biggest reward as a business owner is control over her future and her time. “I get to spend more time with my three year old daughter.” She continued, “We spend about half of our life working, I figured I might as well make that time away from my daughter worth it, and I better love what I do.”

The Future Of Lot801
“I didn’t grow up in the best part of town. My high school had one of the highest dropout rates in the state and getting to where I’m at today did not come easy; I didn’t have any handouts and I had zero connections in this industry.” She points out that the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know,” doesn’t apply to her saying, “Well what if you don’t know the right people? You can still make it work! Anyone that knows me knows I’m a big dreamer; I’m not afraid to shoot for the stars. In five years from now, you’ll be able to walk into Nordstrom and see Lot801 in the kid’s department. We will be the go to brand for children’s stylish clothing.”