LoL Hawaiian Grill

Business Information

Owners The Toleafoa Family

Name LoL Hawaiian Grill

Location: Sandy, UT

Project description

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How it got started

Lana and Lopi (the L and L behind LoL in the name) were raising their two children in Hawaii, and running a successful business. The family would visit Utah every summer, until they decided that they wanted to move there. Being entrepreneurs, Lana and Lopi wanted to start a new business on the main land bringing a piece of their beloved home to the people of Utah. The business at the beginning was more like a grocery store with specialty food items and decor from the Polynesian culture. The business name was LoL Hawaiian Stylin.

Making it happen

While the grocery store and shop were somewhat successful, they found that the food they were selling was even more successful! Every time their family would have a gathering, it was Lana and Lopi’s food that was a hit. They decided to pivot the business into more of a restaurant. Soon their contract was up at their location, and the manager decided not to renew it, even though they were doing very well. It was then that they decided to purchase a food truck. Knowing that the trend of food trucks were on the rise, and not being able to find a new location right away, the food truck was a great way to bridge the gap between locations. They were still able to make a great profit while they searched for a new brick and mortar location.

Loving it

What they really love about this business, is that it’s a family affair. The kids Nina and Junior run the food truck, while their parents run the restaurant. All of the Toleafoa’s were excited about building something they can pass on to future generations. Lana and Lopi love being able to give their children something they can feel good about, and Nina and Junior look forward to doing the same in the future. They all know that it takes sacrifice and hard work to make it a success, and they are up to the challenge. In the words of Junior (which I’m sure originated from his parents) “Nothing beats hard work!”

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The Toleafoa family are no strangers to challenges though. One day their generator caught on fire, and the food truck was close to being destroyed! They also faced challenges when the previous building manager didn’t renew their contract, and they had to figure out what to do. They attribute overcoming these challenges to working hard and coming together as a family to work out the problem.

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While working together as a family can be a huge blessing, it can also be a challenge according to Nina. Working with family can be hard because you know how to get under each other’s skin, and you spend so much time together. They have overcome this by figuring out what each member of the family is good at, and helping them develop those talents to help the business succeed!

Advice for other businesses

This amazing family has some great advice for others starting out. If you have a goal, don’t give up on it! They said there were many times they could have given up, but they knew that this is what they wanted to do, and this is what would be a wonderful legacy to pass on to their kids, and their kids kids. They want future business owners to continue to live their dream! Junior says that taking other people’s money is nothing to play with, so make sure you are working hard and giving them the best possible service.

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