Little Monkey Bizness

Business Information

Owner Raina Seabaugh

Name Little Monkey Bizness

Location: Colorado

Project description

How it got started

Raina’s son was 2 years old, and they were living in Colorado where it gets very cold in the winter. She was looking for a place that her child could run and play that was indoors and out of the freezing cold. She decided that she would need to create a place where the community can come to let their children actively play. They found a franchise opportunity with a Colorado based company called Little Monkey Bizness, and decided this was what they should do.

Making it happen

Gathering all of the necessary equipment and toys they would need to get started was quite a feat. They also needed to find a location to house it all. They found a perfect spot, and were able to build out the play area, a crafting area and a great little cafe area for the kids and adults to find sustenance to get them through the day. Once all of the pieces were in place, they were able to open their doors, and hope that customers would find them.

Loving it

When Raina is able to interact with her customers, she gets so excited about her business. She loves the community in Colorado Springs, and really enjoys being able to get to know different families and friends through her business. When a new family comes into her facility she tries to take some time and get to know them so they feel comfortable and want to come back often.

Raina also loves to hire teenagers to staff her facility and giving them their job. She wants to be the kind of boss that makes it easy for these kids to love coming to work, and wants to help them understand how to be responsible and how to manage being an adult and having a job. She also wants to be a strong motivator in their lives to help them reach their goals once they have outgrown the job. Raina really believes that these kids can do amazing things with their lives, and loves being there to help them get started.

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Marketing is always something small businesses struggle with, and Little Monkey Bizness is not immune to this struggle. One of Raina’s biggest challenges was figuring out how to reach customers through various marketing efforts, and understanding the seasonality of her business. During the warm summer months, when there is so much to do outside, it can be a hard sell to get people in the door. Pushing birthday parties and such during these times has helped them overcome the hump as they wait for the weather to turn cold once again.

Advice for other businesses

If she had to start her business all over again, she believes she would not franchise, and would figure out a unique selling point of her own. She does love her business, but can feel somewhat limited by the parent company. She strongly believes that you should believe in what you are doing though. If your business is not something you are passionate about, it will be a lot harder to go to work every day.

Raina definitely believes in her business, and loves what she can offer the community of Colorado Springs.

If your business is not something you are passionate about, it will be a lot harder to go to work every day. Click To Tweet

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