Lehi Singers Company

Business Information

Owner Angee Duvall

Name Lehi Singers Company

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

Angee’s business is a franchise of the Singers Company. It was originally started by Katie Parker, who was looking for a way to earn money. She started a singing and dancing group to help with her expenses and when she went to college, she enjoyed it so much that she decided to keep it going. 5 years ago she decided to franchise, and Angee, who’s daughter was already involved with the group jumped at the opportunity to start up her own! She knew that she had the abilities to really make it happen, and that she would love to this as a job!

Making it happen

Being a stay at home mom, Angee needed something else to break up the monotony of the day. When she found the Singers Company she was able to add a level of purpose to her life through being a business owner. This has given her something to look forward to and to plan. She uses social media and word of mouth to spread the word about her singing and dancing group, and is able to set goals for how many classes she will be able to fit in each season.

Loving it

Singing and dancing is a passion of Angee’s and so she really loves that she gets to do it every single day. She also believes that her business is so rewarding. She see’s the girls come in super shy, and then make there way into the group, and finally get up the courage to perform in front of a lot of people. Seeing this change in confidence that happens with the girls helps Angee to know that what she is doing is worthwhile and important.

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She recently had a girl that was really shy at first, who is now aging out of the group (the Singers Company is for elementary age kids). The girl tried out for drama at the junior high, and didn’t make it. Instead of being discouraged, she knew she could try again and didn’t let it get her down. The choir teacher at the school, who had seen the audition, called her parents and asked if she could join the intermediate choir!


As Angee sets goals for herself each year for the number of girls or the number of classes she wants involved with her group, she gets discouraged when she doesn’t meet those goals. A big challenge for her is to separate business from personal feelings. When these feelings take over and she tries to be content with the numbers that she does have, and really focuses on helping those girls. Knowing that she’s making a difference in the lives of the girls that are able to join her group helps her overcome those feelings of failure.

Some days can get really hard as well, especially working elementary school kids. During those weeks that are especially hard, when the kids are crazy and no one is learning, she remembers why she got started. She also thinks about the outcome, which is the shows and the changes she sees in the girls. Focusing on the results and resetting by saying this week will go better is what brings her through those hard weeks.

Advice for other businesses

As with many other interviews I’ve conducted, almost everyone wishes they would have started their business sooner. She adds to that advice by telling other business owners to just do it. Don’t give up on your dreams and fight for it! Take the steps to make it work. There are so many talents and needs in this world, that are constantly changing which provides opportunities for success. If you have an idea for something, just do it and you never know where it might take you. If it doesn’t work out, at least you will learn things along the way, and that is a blessing too.

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