Lehi Kickers Camp

Business Information

Owners Stockton, TJ, Dexter & Juan

Name Lehi Kickers Camp

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

Being a 14 year old with an entrepreneurial spirit can be hard. People may not take you seriously, you don’t have a lot of funding to back your project, and your friends just want to have fun and not start a business. TJ Roskelley wanted to more than just mow lawns and walk dogs. He wanted to do something he was passionate about and could help others. He decided to put on a soccer camp during the summer for kids to improve their skills and get them out of the house during the summer. Having played on club soccer teams for several years TJ knew how to improve his skills, and figured he could teach kids the same things. He recruited several of his friends to be his business partners and fellow coaches. With Juan, Stockton and Dexter on board Lehi Kicker’s Camp was born.

Making it happen

The boys had planning meetings to get all of the pieces to the puzzle put together. Dexter’s dad is a graphic designer and made them flyers that they had printed out. TJ’s mom, who owns another online business, set up a website for them, but allowed them design input. They went door to door passing out flyers for several hours. They also had to come up with a plan for what skills would be the focus every day, what snacks they would provide, and how they were going to keep track of all of those kids. They really learned to make sure the budget for what they planned to offer would leave them with a profit at the end of the day.

Loving it

Their favorite part about their business is that they are doing something they love to do, and teaching kids to love the sport as well. They also love that they don’t have to do yard work to earn money this summer. They had a great phrase, that they maybe learned from one of their soccer coaches. They like to be called “I Word” kids. The “I word” stands for intensity. They said that intensity is the most amazing word, and they try to apply it to themselves and running their business.
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In their short time as business owners, they have already learned a lesson that can take adults years to learn. That lesson is to be careful about who you partner with. They originally had a few more of their friends on board to run the camp. The other kids missed a couple of the mandatory meetings, and the boys decided they needed to cut them out. Making these important decisions for the sake of your business was definitely a challenge they had to face. Especially for kids as young as they are, they could have run the risk of losing friends over the decision. They knew that if the others weren’t committed enough to attend the planning meetings, they would not be committed to the business. What an amazing thing for these young entrepreneurs to learn!

One of their biggest challenges, however, was getting the word out about the camp. Through old fashioned door to door flyer delivery they were able to sign up enough kids to make a significant profit for all of the boys involved. Dexter’s dad was able to create the flyer, but the boys went to the UPS store and had copies made, and have paid for everything out of the budget they set aside for the business.

Advice for other businesses

Their advice for other kids wanting to start a business, which can also apply to adults wanting to start a business is to just go for it and make it happen for yourself. You can’t rely on others to do the work for you. You need to get out there and do it.
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