Project description

Business Owner: Lindsey Hall
Business: Lavaré Skin Care
Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Meet Lindsey Hall
Lavaré Skin Care’s journey started when Lindsey Hall, founder and owner, started making soap because her son had eczema; she wanted to provide him with healthy, irritation free soaps and lotions. She points out, “People don’t think about their skin until something is wrong.” This led Lindsey on a search for the perfect soap making process, one that would meet all her needs.

The Process
After making just one batch of soap, Lindsey fell in love with the process. “I worked on my recipe until it was exactly what I wanted. I then moved onto finding scents that were safe and appealing.” After ending up with over one hundred bars of soap, and having nothing but positive reactions from friends and family, Lindsey thought about the fun business opportunity she had in front of her. “I could provide people with a treat when buying and using skin care products.” She continues, “Bathing can be such a mundane task and Lavaré products are made to put some fun and joy back into it! I want people to feel like they are treating themselves whenever they use my products.”

Lindsey’s Qualifications
Lindsey went to cosmetology school, where she focused specifically on esthetician studies. An esthetician is someone who specializes in beauty, hair, skincare, and more. A perfect fit for someone who would later become an artisan soap maker. After finishing cosmetology school, she worked in spas and salons where she was able to further her knowledge in skin care.

Challenges and Benefits
It’s not all fun and games, Lindsey’s biggest challenge was getting the Lavaré name significant exposure without a huge marketing budget. If she ever feels like giving up, she lets the good outweigh the bad, “I just remember why I started. Owning my own business allows me the freedom to have a flexible schedule, which is very beneficial to my family. I can work as much or as little as my time allows.”