Project description

Business Owners: Kyle and Kimberly Vines
Company: Kush Climbing
Location: Boulder, Colorado

Meet Kimberly & Kyle Vine
Sharing similar passions for life, Kyle and Kimberly make a compatible couple not just in their marriage but also as successful business partners. They both bring separate traits such as sales, project management, engineering, marketing and customer service. Together these two have a perfect combination to create an exciting, creative working environment.

“We love rock climbing. Bouldering specifically. The sense of community that we have experienced while sitting on crash pads, under rocks and around camp fires played a huge role in our falling in love with the sport. We wanted to start a business that would cater to the creativity of the people who love the experience of bouldering, and to create something that utilized the sustainable products that are now getting a lot of attention with the current state of cannabis reform. We believe we have made that product.”

The Road to Success
After spending eleven days traveling and climbing through the national parks of California, Kyle and Kimberly set out on the 16 hour car ride back home to Denver, Colorado. While hopped up on two cases of Red Bull and intently listening to Seth’s Godin’s Startup School Podcast, they conceived the idea of Kush Climbing.

Utilizing what finances and material they had on hand these two set out on their business venture. “Once we arrived home to Denver we purchased our domain, set up a simple multi page website and launched a Google Adwords campaign to prove the viability of our concept. We learned this technique from The Four Hour Work Week, written by Tim Ferriss.”

“The response to our Adwords campaign was better than expected. With our concept proven, we started putting all the pieces into motion. We used Seth Godin’s Shipit Journal to set our task lists. Then we set a timeline. We gave ourselves 1 month to have a viable product to sale.  And to build a community that shared our excitement in the concept to sell it to.”

Kush Advice
Both Kyle and Kim accredit their growing success to their education, both through formal schooling and work experience. Kyle states the following, “Journalism courses, along with manufacturing processes and technical drawing courses have given me many tools that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Nothing makes up for experience. Sometimes you have to go through several failures to get to success, but keep learning along the way.”

Kyle also advises, “Prove the business concept first. Invest in the idea and make a prototype that works. Generate sales and then order bulk. Don’t spend a ton of money until you have sales. Use all the resources that are out there.”

KUSH Kut Above The Rest
They may be considered the “little guys” right now in the rock climbing industry but they have sure made an impact. Launching in March of 2015, Kush has captured the attention of climbers and established a significant climbing community that are excited for their exclusive new product. “Our products are customly constructed from hemp canvas. Nobody else does that. We are brand new and have a fresh perspective. And with that comes the ability to create a product that best serves the wants/needs of our tribe. We like to say that we are the soft spot in between a rock and a hard place.”