Project description

Business Owner: Justin Dock
Business: Justin Dock Real Estate
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Justin Dock
Born and raised in Utah, Justin has lived many places around the country—from Arizona and California, all the way to Nashville. He is now back in Utah working real estate. Justin is a fun guy and a great example of passion—He loves real estate; “Real estate is particularly attractive because it’s a scarce resource. It’s not like the stock market, in real estate you have a tangible asset beneath it.”

The Journey
Justin has been in related business for over twenty years. He eased into real estate because of the influence of a friend. “I had a friend who was into real estate in Arizona and he brought me into it. I loved it, and found it was kind of an adrenaline rush. My friend was very passionate about it, and I saw the difference it made in his life and the lives of those he served.” Years down the road Justin’s passion for real estate continues.

Justin was quick to tell us freedom is the biggest win for him as a business owner, though not the only reward. He explained, “Freedom is the biggest benefit; the second biggest is the sort of high you get when your client hits a homerun. You know, when they really nailed it and you were instrumental in getting your client what they want at a great value.”

Work The Hardest, Be Genuine, Gain Trust
Justin has some great advice for future business owners; so if you think entrepreneurship is for you, listen up. “The person that works the hardest sets themselves up in the best position to succeed. So work very hard. Learn to develop trust as soon as possible, work really hard, then execute what you said and be fearless. People aren’t just going to pick up the phone and call you. You have to be tenacious in a way they don’t know you are being tenacious. There is a very fierce competition out there, and if you don’t have those attributes it is going to be hard to win long term.”