Journey’s End Homes

Business Information:

Owner Wade Peterson

Name Journey's End Homes

Location: Utah

Project description

How it got started

When Wade and his wife were still in college, they purchased a home that was built in 1898. They decided to flip the house, meaning they would fix it up and then sell it. They made a significant amount of money and did it a few more times with other houses. While he was working on the houses he realized that he wanted to build houses for a living. After he graduated from college, and found that corporate life didn’t agree with him, he went back to what he knew he loved, which was building homes.

Making it happen

They flipped a few more houses, and then moved on to building an entire house for themselves. They built and sold a few houses, and decided it was time to start building custom houses for other people that were affordable. He had a significant setback early in his business, where he invested money in places he thought would be successful, but ended up being fraudulent. When Wade and his wife decided to put that experience behind them and forgive and forget, they were able to move forward and start building the company they have today.

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Journey’s End Homes has some unique business practices in the custom home market. First, they don’t use upgrades as a profit center, all pricing is decided upon between the trades and him prior to working together. They also guarantee a completion date and a price before they even start construction. He prides himself on dealing with people honestly and continues to build his business with integrity.

Loving it

He loves to be in the office an in the field. Wade has 2 moments he loves the most during the construction of a house. The first is when the framing of the house goes up. He loves to see a pile of wood suddenly take shape and become a home. Although he usually oversees several projects at a time, he never misses the framing. He also loves when the drywall goes in and the house is no longer see through and has now has shape and a more defined space.

Every year he gets the chance to be part of the Utah Parade of Homes. He loves the interaction he is able to have with other builders and contractors. There can be a lot of contractors that have shady business practices, and he is grateful for the opportunity he has had to work with honest people he trusts.


It is extremely important for Wade to please his clients. This puts a lot of stress on him as he worries about things like back-ordered flooring, and painters not being able to show up on time. There are so many moving pieces to putting together a house, that it can be hard not stress out about those things. Wade says that all work is stressful though, so he tries to focus on the good his business brings to bring him through those stressors and challenges. He considers that the grass is pretty green where he is sitting right now. If you keep thinking that you will be happy at some future date, when some future event happens, then you will never enjoy the moments that happen now. Wade will think about his family and count his blessings which helps him gain perspective on how great he has it, as opposed to how hard it is right now.

Advice for other businesses

Wade said that entrepreneurs are the only people who are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid a 40 hour work week. His advice for other business owners is to work hard at a job that you love, and then work harder after 5 PM every day. If it means you don’t sleep for a while, that’s ok. It’s only through the hard work that you will be able to build a business that you will be proud of.

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