Honey Boards

Business Information

Owner: Sarah Tucker

Name: Honey Boards

Location: New Orleans, Lousiana

Project description

Website: Honey Boards

Meet The Owners Of Honey Boards
In October of 2014, Sarah Tucker and her boyfriend Kyle Hubbs made the leap to transform their dreams into a reality. Combining their personal savings and previous entrepreneurial experience they were able to established a successful business, Honey Board. They are are both driven and passionate about what they do and together have a perfect partnership. Running their own business gives them the creative platform to work and share their passion. They take pride in the delicate process in which each one of their boards are made but they stay motivated for success with the relationships they have established with their customers since launching. Sarah said, “The beauty of owning and operating our own business gives us another opportunity to celebrate our relationship, the beauty of the southern united states and work together to create something that brings smiles to so many faces.”

A Cut Above The Rest
Honey board is not your average serving board company. Each serving board is carefully handcrafted and one of a kind. Sarah and Kyle have mastered the art of refining the finishing process.  Sarah explains, “Our wood is salvaged from cypress knees and stumps left behind after commercial operations harvest these trees for lumber. Can you imagine leaving this wood behind as scrap?! No wood better exemplifies the beauty and character of this part of the country than cypress.”

Uniquely shaped to perfection, these boards are unlike any other of its kind. Sarah continues to explain the refining process and said, “We think they’re magnificent and others seem to agree! When it comes to finishing, each board undergoes a process that lasts several days. It’s a labor of love. We give them coats of food-grade mineral oil and a combination of mineral oil and beeswax. The mineral oil brings out the beauty of the natural wood grain with no dyes or artificial coloring. The beeswax provides protection from drying out and acts as a water repellant. We buy our beeswax from a local beekeeper right here in the New Orleans area – Fleur de Bees!”

Honey Board Stumps
As the success of a small business grows so does the demand of your product. This demand can exceed what your production can realistically produce. Honey Board has experienced this first hand. Due to the detailed original finishing process and limited precious wood, Honey Boards is faced with the challenge of meeting the demand. Their product is wanted all over the country. In the coming years Honey Board plan to solve this business demand by designing and producing high quality products with other types of fine wood. Sarah explains their challenge at hand,

“We’ve had to turn down several local businesses, as well as a handful of large national ones interested in wholesale pricing to carry our pieces. The wood is precious and not in bountiful supply, not to mention the long finishing process that involves so much time and energy! Each honey board is truly a work of art. Cypress will always be the core of our business, but we see ourselves “branching out” a bit and experimenting with more wood varieties and functional forms. Also, we are looking to represent the brand at several local bazaars, outdoor and seasonal markets.”

Our Motivation
One of the many beauties of owning your own business is having the ability to build lasting relationships with your customers. As Honey Board expands and continues to excel in their industry they remain humble and true to their core business value, their customers. Sarah said, “We stay motivated daily to design the highest quality for the ones who support us. We value each one of our customers. The enthusiastic fans that support our brand and our genuine love of the artistic process help us daily to live out our dreams.”