Project description

Business Owners: Steve Hatch & Kate Masterson
Business: Hatch Family Chocolates
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Steve Hatch & Kate Masterson
Walk into Hatch Family Chocolates in Salt Lake City, Utah and you will find the owners, and former stars of TLC’s Little Chocolatiers, Steve Hatch and Kate Masterson. You will quickly be captivated by the fun atmosphere, and of course, the delicious chocolates.

The Journey
Steve grew up making chocolates with his parents and grandparents and Kate studied to be a pastry chef. Both have a love for food and an even stronger love for their customers. At Hatch Family Chocolates you will find treats such as dipped chocolates, hot chocolate, and homemade ice cream—foods that emulate the owner’s lifestyle and passion.

A Childhood Turned Business
“When I was a kid there were all sorts of ice cream parlors and dessert bars where you could go and just have fun. Adults would become like kids and everyone would just be laughing.  No one is thinking about his or her struggles at home and they aren’t stressed about work or whatever it may be. They have a place to unwind and I think that is the experience we try to create.”

Steve and Kate were lucky enough to visit Belgium, a place known for their chocolate. It impressed them, “The chocolate shops were not only open at 11 at night, but they were busy. People gathered to just sit and talk. It was somewhere they would go after dinner to enjoy the rest of the evening.” These chocolatiers are trying to create an experience similar to that.

The Biggest Win
Kate said, “My biggest win is when the customer is happy, and when they come back.” Something very apparent is these chocolatiers are not in it for the money, they are in it because it is their true passion. “I don’t think you should go into business just for money, you will lose what’s really important and you’re not going to care about the people you are serving. I think for anyone to be successful, at what they do, they have to have a passion. For me it is really seeing our customers happy, laughing, and enjoying our chocolates. I think it’s what gives you the motivation when things are slow and also remembering it’s your passion and why you are there.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
Through their business ups and downs over a twelve year period, Steve and Kate have gained invaluable experience as business owners. This is their advice to you: “I think we can always learn from everybody. You should always be trying to get better and not be above listening to people. It’s important to listen to as much advice as possible; it doesn’t mean you have to take it, but you never know what you are going to learn.” Kate finished with this, “Know it’s a roller coaster ride and if you are okay with that risk, know it’s going to be a fun ride and just enjoy it.”