Business Information

Owners Chelise & Eric Baird

Name Granogi

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

Eric loved to travel to Havasupai, and with every visit he became more connected to the land, people and culture. He wanted to give back to the community that was so welcoming of him and his family. A tribal elder’s reply was simple, “Come to Supai to be blessed and bring a strong meditative force to bless the Supai Nation…Meditation has power and can bring about something good for all who participate”. His wife Chelise, who is a yoga instructor, and him came up with the idea that they should create a retreat for adventurers to try yoga, and for yogis to try some adventure. The marriage of the Granolas and Yogis became Granogi. Which also perfectly describes the marriage of Eric and Chelise (the granola and the yogi).

Making it happen

They recruited 40 instructors and team members to help them bring 300 participants down to Havasupai last year. When they arrived to start the 10 mile hike down to the waterfalls where they would be staying, they almost weren’t let in! Eric, who does not take no for an answer was able to make several phone calls and calm the fears of the local tribe that they would not ruin the land. They were there to bring good to the people, and to the Granogis on the adventure. During the trip so many people had life changing experiences. Eric and Chelise knew they had to continue this tradition! They have now expanded to a few locations, and continue to convert people to become Granogis.

Loving it

They love seeing the transformation in people. When they talk to people about what their company does, they get really excited about it. That makes Eric and Chelise know that their business is changing lives and helping people get to where they want to be in their life. Last year, one lady from New York had never hiked a mile in her life. She was completely unprepared for the experience. By day 2, she was down at the waterfalls doing yoga with a ton of new friends, and became a completely new person.

A favorite moment for Eric was the moment the registered trademark certificate came in the mail, and he knew that it was his business name. It made him feel extremely proud of what they have built.

Chelise loves yoga, loves the outdoors, and loves her family, so this business makes her incredibly happy. She is doing the things she loves with the people she loves, and creating a strong business in the process! Eric says that his mantra is “fun, family and freedom”. What drives him is to create fun, be with his family and have the freedom to go to amazing places.
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Their big challenge is finding the right people to add to their team. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing these events, and they need to have people they can count on. Quality instructors to lead the workshops are an essential part of the retreat. Making sure that they have the right people in each position so the participants can have the best experience possible is one of the most important tasks they have. They don’t want to hire someone just looking for a job, they want to find people as passionate about their business as they are.
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When things get stressful and they run across hard times, they let go of something or give something up. Meaning they would give up control of a part of the business that is creating pain for them. Whether it’s the social media promotion, or the finances. Once they give up those things, they go laugh with the kids and remember exactly why they are in this business. Doing this will pull them out of the slump, and reinvigorate them to continue their mission.

Advice for other businesses

Eric says that you shouldn’t listen to the voice in your head saying you’re never going to do it, or you aren’t good enough. If you persist and keep moving forward, ignoring that harmful self talk, you will overcome your challenges.

You should also be quick to change. A mentor once told Eric, that his biggest problem is that he can’t pull the trigger. He had all of these great ideas, but he never took action. If you Can’t pull the trigger, take action, you can always correct the action later. If you are going to do something, take action and do it quickly. Assess the results and move from there.

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