Frank and Buck

Business Information

Owner The Taylor Family

Name Frank and Buck

Location Utah

Project description

How it got started

Emily Taylor had been researching how to get started on Amazon at the same time her children were complaining of how to make make money while going to college. She had purchased some ties for her brothers for Christmas and had some extra so she put them on instagram. They sold out quickly! she then had friends asking if she could get any more. One morning shortly thereafter, she walked into the kitchen and her 13-year-old daughter said, “Mom, here’s the website.” Pretty soon she had an order of over 1000 ties and they were up and running.

Making it happen

While the business was born accidentally, they have been actively working to help it grow. They listen to several podcasts and work hard to improve the photography of their products. They found that giving away free ties actually helped their business to grow. It just takes time to figure out what works best, they say. It’s important to work hard, and be continually learning and evolving, improving. Emily has a running list of things they could be doing and they get to a few of the items every now and then.

Loving it

Each member plays a role or has a responsibility in the business. They have meetings on taco Tuesday almost every week, location determined by a different family member each time.They love spending time and working on this venture together. The kids help with shipping, marketing, packaging, running to the printer, social media, modeling, ads, style selections, post office runs, collaborations, website, markets and shows, and retail relationships. They all vote on tie styles and which markets to participate in so everyone is on the same page and feels a part of the business, and knows their opinions count. When they have an investment, they can also gain self-confidence when they see success.


Learning how to deal with the sewers and suppliers has sometimes been a challenge for the family, but they do understand the culture a little bit from living overseas. they have learned to become quite flexible.  In the end, they believe, it’s how you treat people that matters.

Advice for other businesses

Their advice for other folks is to go for it and be prepared to work hard. Don’t compare yourself to others, and be YOU. Your uniqueness is what will draw people to your business. They just want to make sure their children have a model that they could apply to any interest they may have, to start a business in the future, doing something they love to do.

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