Foto Strap

Business Information

Business Owner Katie Norris

Business Name: Fotostrap

Location: Dallas, Texas

Project description


Meet Katie Norris
In 2011 Katie Norris funded a non-profit organization called Fotolanthropy. This organization is made up of photographers and filmmakers that focus on documenting true stories of people overcoming adversity. Katie explains how this project inspired her company Fotostrap. She said, “After founding this non-profit, I imagined how neat it would be if we designed and created a product that gave some of the proceeds back to Fotolanthropy so that it could continue its mission. Drawing upon my history as a photographer, we designed a stylish camera strap called the Fotostrap: the camera strap that gives back.”

Different From the Rest
Katie’s camera straps are unlike any other. She stays ahead in the industry by taking the time to uniquely design each of her straps.  “I did not want to design an ordinary camera strap, but one that made a difference. All Fotostraps are made in the USA, made with genuine leather, and offer custom monogramming. Fotostrap is now a 3-year-old socially responsible company that donates 10% of all proceeds to Fotolanthropy so they can continue to give back to inspiring people overcoming adversity.”

Debt Free Process
It was very important for Katie to have a debt free business. Utilizing resources, Katie saved all her proceeds from her personal portrait business to fund her starting costs. This was a great way for Katie to launch a debt free business but the waiting period was a challenge. Katie worked hard daily to earn enough funds for her dream. Its was hard but worth the wait. She said, “The waiting period was the greatest challenge I have faced. Your business begins with a big idea or vision but nothing happens overnight. I have learned that you must keep the ball moving everyday and that small investments over time matter. It can be super tempting to dive in and get in over your head. We built Fotostrap brick by brick and it has been incredibly rewarding to see what we have been able to accomplish without having to take out a major loan.”

Discover your Passion
Katie has invested so many hardworking years into her non-profit organization as well as her successful Fotostrap business. Her advice to those looking to start their own business is to find your passion and excel in it. Katie said, “If I was given the opportunity to do this all over again… Honestly, I would not change a thing. If I would have known how hard I would need to work to get to this point I might have chickened out years ago but I’m glad I didn’t. You learn so many incredible life lessons during the process of building a business. I am grateful for the opportunity to do something I am passionate about. Discover what makes you motivated for success. Find you passion and discover where that path can take you.”