Fold Leather Company

Business Information

Owner: Meg and Mosie

Name: Fold Leather Company

Location: San Diego, California

Project description

Website: Fold Leather Company

One Night In February
The two owners of Fold Leather Company were enjoying the evening over a glass of wine, “trying to solve all of the world’s problems,” when they pulled out a box of leather pieces, and started to craft them in all different fashions. “Wouldn’t it be great to do this for a living?” They thought. It then dawned on them… they could! Meg said, “It was at that moment that the idea of Fold Leather Company was born.”

Creative Fold
With a combination of leather and quality hardware in each design, Fold Leather Co. is proven to be able to continue the success and has a bright future.  Mosie and Meghan strive for simplicity in all that they do in life, and that is their inspiration for the name, Fold Leather Co. Meg commented, “We aim to design pieces that are functional and simple. Using a combination of leather and only using hardware that compliments our designs, this allows nothing to distract from the natural beauty of each piece.”

Simplistically Creative
Using inspiration from their personal lives, both Mosie and Meghan implement their simplistic, creative touch in every piece. They started this company from the ground up, with nothing but their own funding. Every aspect of this business is a reflection of who they are as people. They told us, “We design classic, simple, and functional pieces meant to serve a purpose. The intention is for the designs to be elegant in their ability to function well. Our attitude of design is highly reflective of Meghan’s background in architecture and design, and Mosie’s background in hair and education.”

Business Balance
We asked what Fold Leather Co. biggest challenges were as business owners. The answer they gave us, balance. “It has been a challenge for us to find the proper balance between our other commitments and propelling our business forward. Our message of simplicity and quality products is always challenged with daily stresses and keeping the business as fun as possible. Thankfully, our friendship and communication makes that all possible in the best of times and the worst of times.”

Stay focused
During the hard times, their biggest motivation is that they will be able to one day overcome all the present challenges. They work hard daily to make the sacrifices that will allow them to fully follow their dreams. Meg expresses, “We have always been women powered by creativity. Eventually we will be able to do what we love with the people we love and not rely on anything else. There is no better motivation than that.”