Ease Property Management

Business Information

Owner Landon Murie

Name Ease Property Management

Location: Orem, UT

Project description


How it got started

Landon had his own rental property, and was able to establish some processes and systems that allowed him to manage the property well. His first thought was to acquire more properties for himself, but soon learned that there was a very big shortage of capable managers for residential properties. While he still manages properties of his own, he has found that managing properties for other owners has been much more rewarding.

Making it happen

There are many companies in the industry that give the entire property management space a bad name. Landon really wanted to change this stigma and make sure that his company was able to provide what other businesses could or would not.  Landon named his company Ease Property Management because he wanted make sure the clients he worked with were always at ease and that they wouldn’t have to worry about how their property was being handled.

He has been so successful in this mission, that another large firm reached out to see if they could purchase his company. When this happened, he knew that he was definitely on the right track, and became even more excited about what the future holds for him and his business.

Loving it

While he loves being a property manager, he really loves being a business owner. He enjoys the freedom that comes with owning a business and being able to set his own hours. With a brand new baby at home, he is able to help out with his family, and still provide for them. Not only that, as he has grown, he has been able to employ family members with a job they really enjoy!

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The biggest challenge Landon has faced so far is learning how to scale. Deciding what is the tipping point for him when he is maxed out. When hiring people he wants to make sure the vision he has is shared with the employees and that they will put the same efforts and passion into his business.

Advice for other businesses

Find a problem you can fix. Whether it’s a service based business or a product, find a problem that you are uniquely qualified to fix, and you will find success. Landon also suggests that you should go all in once you’ve decided to start your business. He feels he could have grown more quickly if he had just quit his regular 9 to 5 job sooner.

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