Project description

Business Owner: Demetrius Harris
Business: DragonFire Digital Media
Location: Los Angeles, California

Meet Demetrius Harris
Upon graduating California State University with a bachelors degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Demetrious spent five years as an investment broker. From there he took his talent and experience and worked for twelve years as a political campaign consultant. Clearly his drive and exemplary leadership and business skills would one day lead him to owning his own successful business.

In 2014, Demetrius recognized an untapped market in the digital marketing industry that he had an innovative solution for. Demetrius took his vision and made the necessary steps to achieving his dream. He dove into his personal savings to initially fund the business and sought out the right talent to contribute to his marketing team.

Demetrius Entrepreneur Advice
Since the successful launch of DragonFire, he has learned first hand valuable business lessons. In his own words, he advises entrepreneurs to “Ignore the fear and nervousness you may have about starting your business. Don’t be afraid to fail. Sure, failure is always a possibility… but so is success!”

Meet Ian McCallum, VP of Sales and Operations
Before embarking on the journey of co-owning DragonFire Digital Marketing, Ian worked many various sales positions. These career opportunities in sales led Ian to establish himself and gain the experience needed to contribute to the thriving success of DragonFire Marketing. “Since my first job at 16, I have sold everything from kitchen cutlery, to dogs, pets, and even language training. Through these different spheres I have also had the privilege, and sometimes challenge, of managing multicultural teams and overseeing operations and what makes a business successful.”

Ian’s Advice
Ian shares that his success and invaluable industry skills he’s gained are directly from investing his time into school and work. “Having studied history and sociology, it grants me a particular insight into not just people, but the history of our industry. Knowing the past allows for strong growth in the future.

Don’t be afraid. Do it. Steel yourself for the road ahead but do not give up. Don’t get disheartened. Surround yourself with people who are every bit as strong as you are and who share your goals and fervor for success.”

Meet Melissa Okabe, VP of Marketing
Melissa Okabe was joined Dragon Fire soon after Ian joined the team. She loved the idea of co-owning a business with a group of people with driven and creative minds. She was excited to contribute with her many years of experience in Public Relations, Marketing, and HR positions. Melissa graduated from UCLA and credits her success to the amazing professional mentors who’ve inspired her along the way: Nadine Jolson, Christine Kim, and Scott Harden. She plans to continue driving results for DragonFire and aspires to be a positive role model for young women across the world and minority youth.

Melissa’s Advice
Melissa would advise entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business to make sure that you invest the time to network. In her own words she states, “There isn’t much I would change from starting the business to now, but if I had to change something, I would allocate even more time to as many local networking events as possible from day one. Networking is invaluable to any business, and to new businesses especially!”

United Digital Team
Since the beginning of their union, DragonFire’s leadership team has been united in working towards one goal: helping businesses understand the importance of digital marketing. Dragonfire’s also believes in having an adviser that works hand in hand with them to establish their brand through digital mediums.

“Most of our competitors are out to extract every penny that they can out of a company’s marketing budget. We strive to be a company that genuinely cares for all our business partnerships.”  They are able to lay a solid foundation for success by uniting and staying focused on these goals and business partnerships. “As a team, we truly enjoy one another’s company, and respect and support the talents that each brings to the table. There’s really something about many a night “burning the midnight oil” together, that solidifies a bond, a cohesion as a team- and we are continuing to love every moment of it.”