Project description

Business Owner: Cindy Andrews
Business: Silver Star Hardware
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Cindy Andrews
It’s August 6th 1999, Cindy opens a coffee shop and hardware store combination. She has no clue how it will do but she jumps in headfirst. “I like to think of myself as a compliment to the big box stores.” Says Cindy, and her store? It’s much more intimate than a Home Depot or Sears. She will interact with you personally, help you find what you need for your current project, and make you the best coffee this side of the Mississippi.

Her Journey
We all have rough times, crossroads, epiphany’s, things that make us human, and things that inspire us to be better. “I started realizing there wasn’t enough at the big box stores and we needed more.” Says Cindy, but that’s not all, walk in the doors of her store and it feels like you are walking into your own home. “I was working at UPS. They were down sizing so I was faced with losing my job. I figured I could just open a coffee shop with a hardware store inside.” Her idea that may have seemed crazy to some was a success. No doubt it has to do with the accompaniment of her personality.

The Silver Star Win
“Sometimes I don’t always recognize, or have a grateful heart, about how much freedom I have.” Cindy tells us. We can often take things for granted, especially as they are over shadowed by the long hours and stresses of owning a small business. That is one of many reasons why we here at Faces Of Main Street, love small business owners. But don’t take that the wrong way, Cindy loves and appreciates the freedom she has from running her business. “I know as small business you can get tied to the store, but it also gives you a great amount of freedom,” With out a doubt it’s a certain freedom that can’t really be found anywhere else. 

We started a peace movement in 1999 that is still going today, in fact when 9-11 happened in New York, we were open and people came in here just to mill around because it felt good. I wanted to create a place where you could come, and no matter what happened you were loved here. I get to do that as a business owner, I decide, ‘I want a hardware store where people feel loved.’ And I can do that every day.

A Peace Movement
Cindy ended her interview with, “I’m grateful for this building, I’m grateful for this space, I am grateful for my business and I am grateful that you guys came, how fun is this?” So it should come as no surprise that in 1999 she started a ‘peace movement’ that is still going on today. Remember how I said going into her shop feels like going into your own home? It’s because of Cindy’s genuine love for humanity. “When 9-11 happened in New York, we were open and people came in here just to mill around, because it felt good.” I would feel overwhelmed in such a case, but Cindy’s dreams were reached. Cindy said, “When I started I wanted to create a place where you could come, and no matter what happened, you were loved here.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
Cindy left current, and future entrepreneurs with this advice, “I think that anything is possible. If you can dream it you can have it, if you can see it you can have it.
It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but at the same time it is. The freedom and the love and everything else that I get to bring to the planet, it’s worth it all.”