Project description

Business Owner: Andrew Simeona
Business: Chop City
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Andrew Simeona
Do you like bacon? Andrew and Geoff do, and so does their bacon oriented food truck. In October, 2014, Chop City opened for business. After going through many ideas, Andrew and his friend, Geoff, came up with the idea for Chop City. Whether you are in the mood for a pulled pork sandwich with bacon, a chicken sandwich with bacon, or just about anything with bacon, they have you covered.

Creative Thinking
Every one has to overcome challenges in life; business owners are no different. For Chop City, the start up stage was one filled with challenges. Andrew and Geoff have been able to come together and meet their original goal of creating something unique that utilizes their individual talents (see next section). They strive to leave a lasting impact on their customers that will give them a desire to return.

Looking Back
Andrew comes from a business background, and Geoff has a background in food; a match made in heaven for running a food truck. However, this doesn’t mean they knew everything when they were getting started. Andrew expressed he wished he would have gone for it sooner and focused on executing his ideas. “I’ve come across more efficient ways to do things through trial and error. It would’ve be nice to have spotted those sooner.”

Andrews Biggest Win
Everyone seems to have an inner desire to create. For Andrew, it isn’t just a desire to create, but to create something of value, and enjoying the freedom that comes along with it. Andrew’s biggest win is just that, “The creative freedom, I mentioned earlier the desire to create something of value. Well, it is a pleasure to have that freedom to have fun with our menu and market our brand how we choose.”

Entrepreneurial Advice
Your ideas are great. We have learned from several entrepreneurs on Faces of Main Street, to not doubt your own brilliance and gut instincts. Andrew echoes this in his advice. “Leave your comfort zone and find ways to act on your ideas. No one likes a missed opportunity.” Short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t miss your chance to live your dreams and grow.