Charmed Collections

Business Information

Owners Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey

Name Charmed Collections

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Project description

How it got started

Lindsey Redfern, Kim Orlandini & Leisha Kelsey met doing adoption advocacy within their community. They started doing a craft night on a regular basis to get together and chat and work on creative projects. One day they decided to stamp some letters on a piece of metal and place it for sale on Etsy. To their surprise it SOLD! They were so excited, and decided they could really do something with this. They came up with the name Charmed Collections, because they didn’t want to be pigeon holed into just jewelry. They wanted to leave the door open to branch out into other creative outlets.

The main reason they started this business was to allow people with similar situations to theirs be able to gift something very personal. Since fertility and adoption is very near and dear to their hearts. They specialize in birth family gifts and inspirational gifts for unique families.

Making it happen

The girls had seen a lot of success, and eventually were able to move from the kitchen table to an entire studio! Since the business was somewhat accidental though, they really weren’t sure what they needed to take their business to the next level. They saw an ad on Facebook for a free business mentor and a contest to win $1000 to Sam’s Club for their company. They threw together a video to enter the contest and they WON! They really credit their mentor for helping them to get to that next level, and can’t wait to see what their new next level will be.

Loving it

One thing they really love about this business is that they make pieces for the best and worst days of people’s lives. Although, it can be strange to say that you love making something for the worst day of a person’s life, such as the loss of a child, but they love knowing that down the road the person can hang on to that piece of jewelry as a source of comfort. One thing they love to do is make up stories about the family the item is going to. They can create a whole backstory from just a custom order and it helps them to send a little piece of their heart with the jewelry.

Lindsey says that additionally what she loves about this business is that it stretches her brain in a different way. She is a mom, with 5 small children at home, and she is constantly being climbed on, and cooking, and all of the other things moms with young families do. She says “I love that there is that piece of me I can retreat to” she calls it a mental vacation from the climbing and the honey nut cheerios to come to and work.

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They have had a few missteps along the way. They found that while people love to share “funny” on social media, they don’t necessarily like to purchase jewelry just for the joke’s sake. They have created a few pieces that they thought were completely hilarious, but did not sell well. They also found that not all types of jewelry were right for them to produce. There have been a few fads that have come and gone since Charmed Collections first started that they have tried to replicate, but the pieces didn’t work well, and didn’t resonate with their audience. It has really helped them to figure out exactly what their “home” is, and what they are really good at creating.

When they really hit hard times or get in a rut, they like to get out of their comfort zone and do something completely crazy. The adrenaline rush really helps to push them to continue in their business. They also try to remember why they started the business in the first place. They wanted something they couldn’t find in the market. Gifts for birth mothers, or loss, or adoption were hard to come by, and they know they are really providing something that can be a great inspiration or help to those who are receiving the gift.

Advice for other businesses

Ever since they started working with their Score Mentor, they have sung the praises of getting a mentor. Especially for a company like theirs, when the partners are not business professionals and the company happened in a somewhat accidental way. They had no idea about some of the things they should be doing, and wish they had requested the help of a mentor much sooner.

They also say that life is messy, and you are going to make mistakes, but you just need to go for it! Don’t be afraid of messing up.

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