Project description

Business Co-Owner: Frederic
Business: Bruges Waffles & Frites
Location: Salt lake City, Utah

Meet Frederic
Frederic is co-owner of Bruges Waffles and Frites, a company his brother-in-law started years ago. It is now run by the two of them. They enjoy making true Belgian style waffles and fries and serving them to their rapid growing list of customers.

Why Waffles?
“What I like about the waffles is it’s like a treat all day long,” says Frederic. But there is more than just flavor that drives Frederic and his brother-in-law, Pierre, to make these delicious waffles and share them with other. “Its also about the memories, like going to the supermarket or taking a train to go to the little carts where they make them fresh and you can just eat it.”

Coming To Utah
Frederic moved to Utah all the way from Belgium just five years ago and he loves sharing his culture with the people he meets in Utah.  The recipes they use are the same recipes they grew up with—dough based Liege Waffles with real pearl sugar. Frederic commented, “It’s a little doughy on the inside and you have the pearl sugars in it and it just taste so good you want a second one.”

Biggest Win
Frederic’s level of excitement is so high, you feel it radiate when you are close to him. Something Frederic loves is when others are smiling right there with him. “Having a smile on someone’s face when they eat these waffles is the biggest joy I can get. And that happens every day, when people get the fries or the waffles they are always so happy and that is the greatest thing for me.”