Blue Skies Preschool

Business Information

Owner Heather Ha'unga

Name Blue Skies Preschool

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description

How it got started

Heather was in need of a source of income to help her growing family make ends meet. She tried several options including MLM companies, obtaining a part time job at other businesses, but her heart just wasn’t in it. She was miserable trying to make those jobs work, when what she really wanted to do was teach. She spoke to her husband about her concerns, and approached him with the idea of starting a preschool in their home. He was immediately supportive, and they worked the entire summer to remodel her basement into a fully functional preschool.

Making it happen

She was definitely nervous at first, wondering if there would be anyone to sign up! Especially when you are looking for parents to trust you with their children. It’s a tough thing to ask for a new company starting out. Fortunately for her there were people that first year, and the people just keep coming back. She has some kids in her class this year that are the 4th or 5th kid in their family to come to her preschool. She credits her success to doing something that she is extremely passionate about. Her only regrets are that she didn’t start sooner, and that she wishes they made the space for her preschool a little bit bigger. She would be able to accommodate more kids, and have more physical activities.

Loving it

Every day is a joy for Heather, except of course, days when it’s snowing. As the name of her business suggests, if the skies are blue, it’s going to be a good day. On those snowy and cold days though, seeing the kids finally understand a concept, and working with them is enough to bring her back to having a great day. She says that throughout the year, the kids become her little friends, and it’s always hard to lose them at the end of the year. She also loves that this business allows her to have work/life balance. Since she runs a school, she usually doesn’t have to work when her kids are off of school, and she gets to be done with work by the time they get home from school each day. She loves that even if her kids are home sick, she is still around to be able to go check on them.

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Her main challenge is every year when it comes time for registration. The market in her area is extremely saturated with preschools, and she wonders if there will be enough kids to go around. She doesn’t do any advertising, and her registrations all come from word of mouth, so she takes her reputation very seriously.

Advice for other businesses

Her main advice to people starting a business, is to make sure you are passionate about what you are going to do. If you don’t have the passion for the business, it’s not going to be successful. The reason she is successful is because she loves it. She has failed in other jobs because it wasn’t her passion. Since one of her only regrets is that she didn’t start her business sooner, she also says to jump in and go for it if it’s something that you really want to do. You may just end up wishing you would have started sooner too. Also… if you are going to work with kids, make sure you have outfits for every holiday!

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