Blooming Bellies Fitness

Business Information

Owner: Brooke Cates

Name: Blooming Bellies Fitness

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Project description

Website: Blooming Bellies Fitness

Meet Brooke Cates
Brooke Cates is the owner and founder of Blooming Bellies Fitness. She came up with the name to celebrate pregnancy in the way it deserves. She started the business to connect exercise and movement, but still appear soft and welcoming. She was led to start the business itself based on her desire to, “create something innovative that had the power to change people’s lives.” Brooke thrives off passion, being passionate about something that she created is what led her to start her this business.

Before Blooming Bellies
“I spent about 3 years in education with fitness and pre and postnatal women. During my first year in business I also created my own techniques and eventually my own method “The Bloom Method” for guiding women through their pregnancies via exercise & movement. My clients inspired me daily and seeing how every woman carried pregnancy differently as well as the need for women to start training for the labor and birth experience was enough to cause me to create my own method.”

The Bloom Method
Something that separates Blooming Bellies Fitness from other similar programs is the fact they don’t only work with women while they are pregnant, and when they are trying to get their “pre-pregnancy” body back, but they work with women before pregnancy to ensure that their bodies will be healthy and strong during the pregnancy. Then they continue to work with the women during the pregnancy as well as after.

“Our approach is holistic based. We spend time preparing women’s bodies for pregnancy, and then keep them strong and feeling good during pregnancy. I have a unique method called belly pumping to keep them deeply connected to their core even as their belly grows & use contraction timed interval training to prepare them for birth and through all of this help them to heal quicker post-birth. The “pre-pregnancy body” isn’t a huge feat once the baby is here because our clients have been working towards this their entire pregnancy. Our clients are constantly blown away with how quickly their muscle memory bounces back post-pregnancy.”

Brooke’s Biggest Win
Owning her own business has allowed Brooke to work in a position she enjoys. “I wake up everyday being absolutely in love with what I do.” says Brooke. She loves being able to help empower women during one of the most vulnerable times in their lives.

During challenges that come up as she’s running her business, Brooke reminds herself of why she does this, primarily her desire to help women take control of their pregnancy and teaching them that they can live their pregnancies different than most in order to keep their unborn children as healthy as possible. One of the challenges that she faces is convincing mothers that it is crucial to exercise during their pregnancy. “All women should be training for the marathon called birth.” says Brooke.

“My path with Blooming Bellies Fitness and The Bloom Method have been a beautiful evolution since day one. I have learned more than I ever thought and have become more attached to my work in a beautifully inspiring way.” says Brooke. She truly loves and believes in what she does. We asked her what she would change if she could start over again, she told us, “Absolutely nothing.”