Business Information

Owners Robby & Lindsey Nelsen

Location Salt Lake City, Utah

Name Belcorva

Project description

How it got started

Robby always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He went to school and received his MBA. He had a great job, but it kept him away from his family several weeks of every month. He missed key moments in his children’s lives, like when they started to walk. One month was particularly hard for the Nelsen’s and Robby knew something needed to change. Lindsey’s younger brother committed suicide, the couple had their 3rd baby, and Robby lost his job all within the same month. In the wake of these huge life altering changes, they felt strongly that this was the time they needed to go out on their own and fulfill Robby’s dream of starting a business.

Making it happen

As the couple tried to decide what would be the best business to start, they kept coming back to Lindsey’s favorite things. Lindsey never carried a purse, so they didn’t want to try that. She never wore jeans or typical fashion accessories, she always wore athletic clothing. They knew if they were going to break into this very saturated market, they needed to have a unique selling proposition. Lindsey, being an avid runner, wanted somewhere to put her phone and her snacks for long runs without having to use a belt. They knew that by putting pockets in all of their bottoms they would have something unique that women could get excited about. They also feel that their designs are cute and unique enough to gain significant traction in the active wear industry.

Loving it

They really love that they set their own schedule, and that Robby is in town for the significant moments in their children’s lives. Now if they want to spend a day together doing something fun with their family, they can do that. Sometimes this means that they are working until 3 AM while their kids are asleep, but that is what being an entrepreneur is about.

The couple also really loves their logo and what it represents. Lindsey did a lot of the design work for the logo, which is a mountain with the sunrise. Lindsey’s brother who committed suicide loved to be in the mountains, so he is represented in the logo by the mountains. The sunrise represents the dawn coming after the darkness or after a storm. Their business has truly risen from a dark place, and they wanted to make sure that came across with their logo.


In this very saturated market of women’s athletic clothing, it can be difficult to break through the competition. They really try to just focus on making unique styles and provide amazing customer service to set themselves apart. When they started their business, they didn’t know that there were a few other companies that also would add pockets to their active wear bottoms. Discovering that there was competition for that particular feature felt like a challenge, but they realized that without competition, there likely wasn’t a market for their product. They embrace the competition, but they don’t pay attention to what they are doing, and focus on their customers and what makes them unique.

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Another challenge for them is making sure they find manufacturers that will create quality products. It can take a lot of work researching and contacting manufacturers to make sure they are sending you products that meet your standards of quality.

Advice for other businesses

When you start a business, you need to be extremely dedicated. You can work a ton of hours, and without someone else there to give you a paycheck, you don’t know when and if you will actually make any money doing what you love. Make sure if you are going to do it, it is something you are passionate about, and you have the work ethic and drive to make it happen.

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