Arcane Supply Co.

Business Information

Owner: Lucas Darway

Name: Arcane Supply Co.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project description

Website: Arcane Supply Co.

Arcane Supply Co.
With a life long heritage in the arts and design, Lucas is a man with creative tendencies and passions flowing deep within him. “I was inspired by two men I watched helping others abroad in really impoverished parts of Asia, and my vision of running a business that combined creative elements with meeting basic needs grew and morphed over about ten years until the opportunity and concept converged.” Though he wouldn’t call himself an artist, the artistic heritage of his family, and the example of these men, have been the things to lead him to his entrepreneurial path.

Lasting Products
Arcane was founded to merge heritage quality with a modern aesthetic, and the understanding that men are realizing they can find products that not only last, but also improve with time. Arcane revolves its business around this belief, “[People] can simplify their life by investing in quality products.”

Business Benefits
Though Lucas says owning Arcane has been a social and personal life black hole, he has learned and gained so much. “There are about two years of total chaos that I will never have back, but in those two years, more has been accomplished and learned than ever would have been, without this level of responsibility. Many of the changing friendships and focuses I had have been replaced by equally enriching relationships that are now part of the business. You gain such a depth and sense of contribution when you begin pouring yourself into a venture that solely seeks to make people smile and look to your brand in total trust.” To top that all off, Lucas worked incredibly long hours for two years so that he could fund Arcane Supply Co. without external investment.

Challenges And Advice
When asked what the biggest challenge he has faced since starting his own business, Lucas answered, “Maintaining a career while trying to grow the business single-handedly. Each new product brings incremental scopes of work; more design, more tools, more materials, more photos, more posts. Most markets are highly saturated, and highly competitive.” To resolve his situtation Lucas has focuses on investing in perfecting his product designs and refining his personal abilities. Lucas said, “My motivation to master my skills is that there will always be someone out there that is hungrier for success.”

On Going Success
Though Lucas did not foresee starting and running a business by himself, he cherishes the countless insightful lessons learned from doing it. He said, “I don’t think I will ever stop being an entrepreneur; not after all that I have learned and all of the needs that you see in people’s lives that can be met through a thoughtful business. The insight, focus and strategy alone are invaluable, especially when you have support to grind through the core functions of running a business.”