American Athlete

Business Information

Owners Dallas & Ang Irvin

Name American Athlete

Location: Lehi, UT

Project description

How it got started

Dallas has been a top level athlete for his entire life. After playing college football, and dabbling in the NFL, he found his niche with Team USA Bobsled. While he was able to work with amazing trainers and gyms during the season for the sport, in the off season he had to go to several different gyms to get the training he needed to remain in top shape. His wife and him decided that they needed to build a place that would not only benefit him as he trains, but would end up benefiting many athletes throughout Utah.

Making it happen

They chose a name and found a location that they loved, and started to gather all of the equipment they would need to create their perfect gym. They spared no expense on the equipment, and acquired the best machines, weights, and accessories they could find. Once they had it all together, they threw open their doors and prayed that people would come. They currently offer classes for adults and for kids daily. They want to create athletes, and make current athletes even better every day. Dallas really wants to make sure that everyone that comes in the door is working towards their goals, and doing it the right way so there are no injuries.

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Loving it

Dallas & Ang joke around that they buy their friends, or more accurately, their friends pay them to come visit. It’s true though, when you walk into the gym there is a sense of camaraderie and fun that you don’t see at other gyms. When you sign up you join their family Ang says, and they treat every member of their family with love and respect. It doesn’t matter what shape you enter the gym in, you will leave better than when you came in. They have that motto posted around the gym “We just got better” and it’s clear that they believe it.


One of the biggest challenges they face, which many small business owners can relate to, is getting the word out about their business. While they do love their location, most people would never pass by it randomly. You need to know where it is to get there. So, they rely heavily on word of mouth. Since they have such a great family atmosphere, their clients are passionate about their gym, and love telling more people about it. They offer a free class for your first time, and they count on the fact that once you go once, you’ll be hooked.

Advice for other businesses

Dallas recommends all small business owners to be ready for the hard times. There will be ups and downs no matter what you decide to do. There will be things that come up that are unexpected, and that is life. You just need to remain positive and roll with the difficulties that will definitely come. You also need to be fully committed to what you are going to do. For Dallas and Ang, there is no backup plan. They are all in with their business, and they continue to smile and be love each other and tackle each challenge as they come.

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