Ambience Rentals

Business Information

Owner: Kris Menendez

Name: Ambience Rentals

Location: Lehi, Utah

Project description


How it got started

When Kris was preparing for her son’s wedding, she was looking for some simple decorations she could rent to make the space the event was taking place in a little more fun and inviting. She had a very difficult time finding pieces that she could use, that didn’t cost a fortune. As she continued her search, she found a place that was looking to sell their entire inventory of items that were exactly what she was looking for. She decided that since it was such a difficult thing to find, she needed to offer it to others at affordable prices, and make it easy to obtain!

Making it happen

While looking back on the decision, she says that it probably wasn’t the best time to be starting a business, as she was still trying to get her son’s wedding planned! Luckily now, she definitely had enough items for his wedding reception! Once she got a handle on the vast amount of inventory she had just acquired, she got a storage unit to house most of the items. She also keeps some of the displays at her house.

Loving it

She always wanted to run a family owned business, and she knows this is the perfect one for her family. They can all work together on the business, and the kids can earn extra money by taking on deliveries themselves. She also likes that she can work out of her house, so she can spend more time with her family. She also really loves being part of so many people’s special day. She had a particularly rewarding experience recently when she was able to decorate an entire wedding for an elderly couple. Their families decided to throw them a surprise wedding, as the couple hadn’t even told their families they were dating until 2 weeks before they planned to elope! It’s events like that, which really make her grateful for her business.

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One big challenge she faces is inventory. She needs to keep up to date with the latest trends, so she can have that available for people to use. She also wants to keep some items that are classic, and will never go out of style. Keeping her inventory up to date is challenging to continue to find storage for when they are not in use, and decisions on when to let some pieces go. Another challenge can come when the weather is not cooperative. One outdoor wedding, and several items in her inventory could become destroyed. Finding new ways to secure her pieces, and keep them safe is always something to plan and think about. Fortunately, she said she has not come across any bridezillas!

Advice for other businesses

Since Kris is all about putting family first, one piece of advice she has, especially for home based businesses, is to keep set working hours. Just like a brick and mortar store can close it’s doors at certain hours and certain days of the week, she makes it a point to let calls and emails go to voicemail during specific times and days. She says this is essential for setting boundaries between the business and her family.

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