Project description

Business Owners: Aaron & Heather Black 
Business: Black’s Sliders
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Meet Aaron and Heather Black
Aaron and Heather are the husband and wife duo that own and operate Black’s Sliders. Black’s Sliders is a food truck that prides themselves in being a farm-to-truck business. “We try to source as much as we can from local farms,” says Aaron. Whether it’s the farm fresh ingredients, or the passion they have for what they do, Aaron and Heather are keeping up with the growing food truck scene by cooking up some of the best food out there.

Community & Relationships
“We wanted an interactive business that we could dedicate ourselves to being a part of the community,” says Heather. A certain path led Aaron and Heather to start this business. From the get-go they knew what principles they wanted to found it on. They wanted to be family oriented, and to build a great relationship with the community; so far things seem to be working out well.

The Road to Starting a Food Truck
Aaron was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. “I evaluated my life,” he says. “My wife was six months pregnant, and it really threw us for a loop.” That’s when he decided he wanted to build a business and work for himself. Fortunately, after radiation and surgery, Aaron’s health is great and he was able to successfully start Black’s Sliders.

Good Friends & Bad Weather
Aaron has a good friend in Los Angeles, California who is a great chef. They worked with each other to put together a menu that they thought would do well. During that time, Aaron had an idea, instead of buying a truck complete and ready to go, he would buy a truck, and turn it into a food truck himself. He didn’t plan on driving it 1,500 miles across the country and through a snowstorm to get it back to Utah, but he did. 3 months of work later, the truck was ready.

Black’s Sliders Biggest Win
“Days like today are really special, getting to work with my husband and have my son there.” Says Heather. They are truly living their mission statement of having a family oriented business. What’s better than being your own boss, spending lots of time with your family, and building a great relationship with the community?

Entrepreneurial Advice
Failure seems to be a part of life, it helps us grow and become better. So why not follow Aaron and Heather’s advice, “Get back up and keep pushing forward.” But that isn’t all. Heather listed flexibility, adapting, creativity, perseverance and many other important things, that are required to run a business. Then she left us with this golden nugget, “Don’t get caught up in the end result and you will better enjoy the journey.”