Project description

Business Owner: Mont Adams
Business: Adamsbuilt
Location: Fallon, Nevada

Meet Mont
Mont first discovered his passion for fishing when he met his wife. Her father insisted any man she is to marry must love fishing. Mont started to learn the ways of the fishing industry and quickly learned the vital skills of Fly Fishing. His fly fishing endeavors not only won over his future father in law but also transpired into Mont’s favorite pastime. “When I met my wife, her father was an avid fisherman and said I couldn’t marry his daughter unless I fished.” Mont attended a couple semesters of junior college and decided to take his skills and passion for the sport to the next level and also apply them in a business.

“I started this business because I believed I could provide the rising generation with an affordable way to experience something I’ve always loved…fly fishing.”

How Adamsbuilt Began
Over the years Mont’s passion for fishing only grew stronger. As his fly fishing skills increased, so did his desire to have better fishing equipment. Mont wanted to provide young fishing beginners and seasoned experts quality fly fishing products. With tremendous amount of time, dedication and hard work, Mont slowly developed his own fly fishing products—from waders and boots to specialty fly fishing Rods. Mont started to establish a quality brand that naturally attracted his loyal customers today.

Not An Overnight Success
Adamsbuilt did not happen overnight, Mont faced roadblocks like all business owners do. One of the greater roadblocks Mont faced was, “Launching a trusted brand against giants and established companies. Manufacturing product at scale and creating enough access to it for customers,” he continues saying, “Adamsbuilt existing in the marketplace is our biggest win in my eyes. We created a brand from scratch in a very competitive landscape and are seeing success.” By starting his business, Mont has been able to successfully share his passion with others, “I wanted to provide both young beginners and seasoned experts an affordable and quality product to help them enjoy the fly fishing experience. I created Adamsbuilt because I believe in it and want to share my passion with others.”

The Importance of Goal Setting and Growth
Mont has been able to see his brand grow and gain more awareness because he has been able to find more efficient ways to create his product and distribute it. With his product in stores nationwide, Mont continues to set and accomplish his business goals. Some of his main goals set for the next five years include, territory expansion, operating debt free, and utilizing his social media resources to grow a larger customer base. With him already achieving so much you can surely count on Mont accomplishing these goals.

Mont’s Advice To Other Entrepreneurs
Since starting his journey with Adamsbuilt, Mont has gained so much invaluable knowledge that only comes to those who seek to take a risk. Mont advises all entrepreneurs, “You have to take enough risk to make something happen. It’s not going to be easy, but if you believe in what you’re doing you can make it work. We continue to work hard and push through the tough times.” Mont has proven that dedication will lead to success.