Project description

Business Owners: Curt Jensen
Business: Crosslet Clothing Co.
Location: Orem, Utah

Meet Curt Jensen
Curt’s plan his whole life was to play in the NFL, it was something he just knew he was going to do. “It was something that was a God given ability and I really wanted to excel at it but when I was playing college football, I got hurt and wasn’t able to play football anymore.” When he was younger he had the vision that one day he would put his mark on the world. He thought about this more and more after he realized his dream of playing in the NFL was no longer a possibility. “I was working in a grocery store as a service desk manager. I was trying to come up with an idea that could help me make the mark that I felt I owed the world. I came up with Crosslet Clothing Company. Our mission is really to inspire people to be the best that they can.” Curt may not be able to play in the NFL but by no means does that mean he can’t be the best he can be, and inspire others to do the same. And that’s what Crosslet Clothing Company is all about.

“I was trying to come up with an idea that could help me make my mark that I felt I owed the world. I came up with Crosslet Clothing Company. Our mission is to inspire people to be the best that they can. You look at sports and say, what can sports do for someone, my thing was what could I do to show that it’s not about what you take from those things, but about what you give. So there it was, there was Crosslet Clothing.”

Football to Fashion
The journey has been far from easy, “It’s been a ‘ten years in the making’ kind of thing.” Said Curt. “It took me probably 8 years from the time I had the idea till I was finally able to hold product in my hands.” Curt explained that it was difficult for many reasons, first he didn’t know anything about business, and second, it was just an idea running through his head that he didn’t know how to solidify.  “All I knew was that I wanted to inspire people to be better.” On top of that, Curt was new at the whole “Fashion” thing. “You are talking to a 6’ 5” 300+ pound football player; I didn’t know anything about clothes. I had this idea to go to fashion shows and I had no idea how that stuff worked, so I looked up where a fashion show was. The first one I went to, I went in and paid my $30, and they asked me what company I was with… “I was like, ‘I am with Crosslet Clothing Company.’ They asked, ‘Is it that pretty new?’ I was like… ‘Yeah…. It’s pretty new.’ It hadn’t even really been existent until that moment when someone asked me what company I was a part of.” Curt was willing to start at square one to achieve the vision he had years before, even if it meant going to fashion shows instead of playing in football games. It was all worth it to him.

Curt’s Biggest Win
Curt loves to help people understand the emotional connection that they have with things, whether it be a t-shirt or an MMA fighter. “People don’t always know exactly what everything is about, all they know is for some reason they have an emotional connection to it. Being able to be a part of that emotional connection is really fulfilling. I am able to go up to someone whose favorite fighter is our MMA fighter and give him or her a Crosslet shirt and help them understand our brand and what that fighter is about. After that they will love that fighter even more, and cherish that shirt forever.”

A Word of Advice
“The biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone is simply don’t give up on what you are trying to accomplish. When I started this business I had 200 bucks in my pocket, and I said, “I am going to buy some shirts and put my brand on them.” From there it was slow, before I started making legitimate sales it took me 2 or 3 years. I wasn’t doing it for the fame, I was doing it because I was invested and I loved what I was doing. If you give yourself the time to accomplish your goal, you will accomplish it. A lot of people just want instant gratification, and that’s great when you are looking for one tiny little piece of satisfaction, but to achieve long-term goals, you have to remember your life is not lived just this day. Its not today and right this second, you have to work and succeed every single day. You have to find something that you can ask, ‘Is this making me happy today, and will it last?’ and answer, yes.”